Monday, January 19, 2009

Star Wars, Georgia State Basketball and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

This past Saturday, I was a handler for a 501st event in conjunction with the Georgia State Men's Basketball team and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. It was a fun event and we had a great 501st turnout.

It wasn’t heavily promoted due to time constraints and there were some people that did not understand why stormtroopers were patrolling the basketball court but overall it was a hit with the public. We even had Pounce, the GSU mascot, decked out in Jedi robes.


The costumed characters did a little bit of everything. They handed out bingo cards, escorted the chorus, conducted the band, participated in contests (I think it was rigged. The Jedi won!), signed autographs and, of course, mingled with the public.

They were escorts at the half-time presentation to MS Society and flanked both sides of the court at the end of the game to keep guest and spectators off the court. Unfortunately, I think they had the opposite effect.

At one point, they even had one of the officials getting pictures with as many characters as possible.

But as always the children were the best!

Of course, none of this would have come together without our GSU liaison Zach Moore

and all the dedicated troopers of the 501st Georgia Garrison.


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