Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A New Crew Member

Joel showed me these pictures of his son and I just had to share...
He is too cute. A couple of more years and he qualifies for Cabin Boy!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Zombieland: Michael's Report

** Note: This was written up on this past Sunday :)

hey guys, just got back from newnan and boy do they need to clean that place up. rocks all over the street, cars flipped upside down, a friggin tank in the middle of the road and posters warning of the apocalypse strewn all over town! very elaborate set for me to pretty much have free access to for about an hour. got some incredible photos which ill post shortly. got there around 2pm, walked the set and shot photos until about 3pm. decided to try and find the base camp and hung out there with brandon and a few other fans. we were told that woody harrelson was there and so was jesse eisenberg. well we made the best of the time just talking about past experiences and had heard that woody would not sign anything. he was being driven by a red prius which i thought was kinda cool with everybody goin green now. anyways the car came to pick him up and he rode right past us out of the parking lot. after turning out, the car stopped and woody rolled his window down and said he would sign for us when he got back. with wrap time about 2 hours away we decided to hang where we were and just wait. well 7pm rolls around and we see the prius turning the corner, we all spring into action and get our things ready and he pulls up to the parking lot and the car stops and he rolls his window down and BAM! he was a bit hesitant with each autograph he signed and asked if we lived around here. i told him i appreciated all the hard work he was putting into the film and how i could not wait to see it to which woody replies "how do you know ive been working hard?" which cracked us all up for a moment. he politely signed for each of us and i was able to get a photo with him! superb day if i do say so myself. this officially closes the book on zombieland for this movie fan. be sure to check out the set photos in the zombieland album, they are pretty sweet.


H2: Picture Request

I'm writing up this post for the hubby. He was an extra both days at the Phantom Jam filming. He, of course, took no camera - too much to keep up with. So now he is looking for any pictures that anyone may have took of him. If you have any, could you please, please, please send me a copy. I would REALLY appreciate it. Below is one of the pictures that Amanda took. Thanks all!

H2: Erin & Brittany

This just goes to prove that you never know what might happen if you go play a late-night game of basketball....

This was a comment that Erin left on the 'H2: Sheri Moon Zombie' post:

"there were some kids playing basketball at the church court"

That was my niece and her friends!!!! They were playing b-ball and she said that the cast and crew invited them into eat with them later that night when they wrapped filming. She said they were by far the nicest people she has ever met (she had no idea that they were even filming a movie there!). She was TERRIFIED of Tyler Mane because he was still kind of in makeup (a little) and because of his size. He could tell she was a little wary of him and totally started picking on her and trying to get her to laugh - he even picked her up and was swinging her around. It finally worked but he kept at her for about 20 minutes. She got to meet the Zombies and she said they were cool as hell to her and her friends too. I will email a pic to you Annabella as soon as she emails it to me. I asked my niece, Brittany, if she got their autograph and she said "ohhhh, uhhh, well I didn't even think about doing that, dammit. I guess I was still in shock about meeting and eating dinner with them!"

Erin also added...

She also said that Tyler kept coming up to her and saying "how would your mom like it if she knew that you had a psycho killer for a boyfriend?" How funny! It's really cool that he has such a great sense of humor and it's typical Hollywood. I'm jealous - sounds like she had a great time.
Oh, and one more thing. She said that the food they served was unbelievable. Steak, chicken, etc. She kept saying: "Erin, they were serving REAL green beans! Real ones! It was sooo good!"

Here are a couple of pictures of Brittany and Tyler. Lucky, lucky girl!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

501st: Young Astronauts Days 2009

Today was Young Astronauts Day at the Warner Robins Aviation Museum.

The Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins is excited to present the Annual Young Astronaut’s Day for children in 3rd to 8th grade.
Saturday, March 28, 2009 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Young Astronauts’ Day is a fun-filled day of hands on workshops that focus on math, science, and technology. The workshops range from Robotics and Flight School, to Aviation Art. There is even an opportunity to examine Lunar and Meteorite samples brought back from an actual NASA space mission. Star Wars reactors will also be in attendance to perform and sign autographs. The event will take place at the Museum of Aviation Flight & Technology Center located in Warner Robins.

It was a fantastic experience as always. There was a great turnout, including troopers from the FLA Garrison.

The weather was dreadful and that is putting it nicely. This meant that all the kids had lunch inside rather than outside. This is a good and a bad thing. Good in the sense that no one had to walk around outside in the heat. Bad in the sense that lots of kids in confined spaces is just not always a good recipe. While there were the few bad eggs that tried to grab blasters out of holsters and insisted on poking helmets, over all the kids behaved themselves.

On the "things" this year was getting character autographs:

Other than autographs, it was general mingling and harassing of the children...

The Museum staff was amazing. Not only did they let us take pictures "behind the ropes" but they also gave the members a personal tour of some of the aircraft. First, the tour - or should I say, boys and their toys....

The group photos:

The rest of the afternoon was fun photography...

H2: Sheri Moon Zombie

Michael, Brandon and Leigh-Anne were at the right place at the right time Friday night. Here is Michael's recap of that beautiful night ;)

do i look any different you guys? i should because i met sheri moon zombie last night. here goes the recap...
left my house around 1pm to head to oxford. got there around 2ish and didnt see any crew at base camp so i parked briefly there next to the coroner's van that they were going to film later that night. got a photo and decided i was there WAY to early. so i drove around a bit and tried to access the road they were going to be filming on at both ends and couldn't get through. i ended up parking across the street from base camp and just chilled for a bit until leigh-anne and regina showed up. next comes brandon and we chat for a bit and decide to get something to eat. base camp at this point was hopping with unloading and building, but no rob or tyler. after eating...someone who will remain nameless chose her hubby over our little excursion. j/k sweets! anyways, we decided to head down to the blockade where they would be filming until kicked out. well, the crew had moved further down the road and we decided to take a road parallel to the location to see if we could see anything. well we end up at the end of this road and asked this guy if we could scope out things from his backyard. regina, by the way, this gentleman was charlie poole! lol he was awesome and allowed us to park on his property and see what we could see. our vantage point was across a cow pasture to the road they would be shooting, but all we could see was spotlights at both ends of the road. hung out there for about an hour and decided to head back to base camp. at that point leigh-anne left and then brandon left. i was determined to leave with something so i decided to try to park in crew parking and see where that got me. there were some kids playing basketball at the church court directly behind the trailers and had an awesome spot to catch tyler and anyone else of importance. i ended up talking to some of the kids playing ball and they told me they saw a lady with blonde hair dressed in a white robe and makeup and i immediately called brandon and leigh-anne to let them know that sheri moon zombie was on set. now throughout this whole process, sheri has been the hardest to find and some rumors were that she wasn't even in ga. so after i called brandon and leigh-anne back they both bolted back to camp and we hung out for about 15-20 minutes they broke for lunch and we saw wayne and bart who have been 2 of the coolest dudes on set. they stopped and signed a couple of things and as they were chatting with us, tyler walked by. he stopped and signed for me and we chatted about the bunny blog for a bit and while all of this was going on rob and sheri walked right by us on their way to lunch. we waited for everyone to eat and then it happened...rob and sheri both walked out of catering and i bolted...yet again. i asked sheri if she would sign for me and she was very sweet and generous with her time. leigh-anne, brandon and i all ended up getting photos with sheri and chatted with rob for a bit about the good old georgia weather. they were very chill, so i am assuming they are on schedule and all is well. i was able to confirm the wrap date on 4/8. after that, we knew it wasn't gonna get better than that so we left. one side note, after talking with rob and tyler, all photos posted here will go through them and there will be an open line of communication with them about prior things posted so if you see photos or comments deleted that why. so i won't be posting my sheri photo here until can get confirmation from rob that its ok. all in all it was one of the best experiences thus far. so in conclusion...rob is still brilliant, sheri is still radiant, tyler is still cool as hell and wayne and bart are almost like old friends by now. thanks to brandon, leigh-anne and regina for chillin with me. the h2 crew will never die!


Friday, March 27, 2009

H2: Calling all Phantom Jam Extras

The Poster

I have been inspired by a blog reader. If you were an extra for the Phantom Jam shoot, send me a picture of you in your costume - like the one you would have submitted to the Production Company or even one from the set as long as it doesn't show anything else. Also, let me know what name to use for your picture ;) I would love to put them on the blog.

I want to see how many I, and the other blog readers, can identify when the movie comes out! I'll shoot for a April 3rd or 4th post date.

Thanks in advance!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

H2: Brandon's Mask

Brandon and Leigh-Anne braved the rain Wednesday night to go out to the Phantom Jam shoot. Brandon was/is on a mission. He just received his Myers mask and has a limited time to get it signed by everyone. He got a really big head start that night. And thanks to Leigh-Anne, there is a great photographic record. As always, thanks to Brandon and Leigh-Anne for this post!

H2: The Bad News

First and foremost, I cannot thank everyone for reading the Black Bunny blog. The entire H2 coverage started purely by accident.

The morning of February 26th, I decided, with my husband, to stop on the square in Covington to take photos. No one was there but a couple of extremely friendly security people. I, never in a million years, dreamt that I would see Rob Zombie walk down the street much less get a photo with him and learn that he was such a great guy. That was how it all began. The fact that the farthest I ever traveled to a shoot was only about 20 minutes helped. The absolutely best thing to come out of this are the people that I have met along the way and I'm not talking about the movie stars. I have met some phenomenal people through the blog. All the way from the people who have come up to me and let me know that they read the blog to the ones I now email on almost a daily basis. Everyone has been fantastic!

If this is starting to sound like a 'Dear John/Jane' letter, it kinda is.... The closer the wrap gets, the more people are showing at locations, people who are breaking all the etiquitte rules and more sensitive information is being leaked through the comments and the internet in general everyday.

Everyone I have met on the sets from local law enforcement, set security, crew, P.A.'s to the folks like Tyler Mane and Rob Zombie, I could not have asked for a better experience. They have all gone above and beyond to cater to the fans. I can not imagine how they could have done more for me, for all of the fans.

Combine that information with the fact that fan photos with Tyler are now being limited and and in some cases completely banned because of internet leaks and it is leading down a path that makes the fans look bad. I cannot contribute to that situation. I have too much respect for the hard work that security, the crew and the stars, especially Mr. Zombie is putting into this film to jeopardize what is left of their film schedule. (Yes, I'm a southern girl and we use 'Mr.' when we want to show our respect.)

With that being said, I will post no more information about shoot locations. I will delete any new information about shoot locations and if requested will delete past posts/comments about shoot locations.

I will continue to post information and pictures after the fact. Again, I will remove or delete any information or pictures, if requested.

Due to all of these issues (plus others), my photobucket account is now passworded and all blog photos will be displayed in a slideshow.

I'm sorry it has come to this but I have had a blast and will continue to post some H2 things.

Please comment back to me. I kinda feel like a heel for having to take this stance but it is simply the right thing to do.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


H2: Production Notes Part 2

Not a real interesting post but again, I want to keep as much of the information together as possible...

March 4 – 12, 2009
1981 Broughton Road
Newborn, GA
Brackett House

I believe these were primarily interior shots of the Brackett House.

March 13, 2009
Hwy 142 and Pennington Road
Farrar, GA (Shady Dale)
Exterior Rabbit in Red

This is where Ezra Buzzington was filmed as the beer truck driver (at least one place). I believe they may have done some flash-back shots. We saw young Micheal Myers ‘photographic’ double. This is also where 3 of the murders were filmed. I know one was Ezra (as Ned). Unfortunately, they cleared all spectators before filming the murder scenes.

March 16, 2009
2176 Monticello Street – Therapist’s Office (Interior)
4135 Conyers Street – Mya’s Apt (Interior)
Covington, GA

They filmed in two different locations. One was at a small house on Conyers Street. Here, they filmed the interior of Mya’s apartment. The second location was at one of the antebellum homes on Monticello Street. Here, they filmed interior shots of the Therapist’s office.

March 17, 2009
515 N. McDonough Street (Exterior Bookstore)
545 N. McDonough Street (Interior Bookstore)
211 Bell Street (Cemetery)
Decatur, GA

Three shots were filmed in Decatur on St. Patrick’s Day; the interior of the bookstore, the exterior of the bookstore and the Cemetery. This was the first shoot that we know Malcom McDowell was involved in – Brandon got a picture of him.

March 18, 2009
Foxy Lady
1635 Moreland Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30316

They will be filming interior shots of the Rabbit in Red Lounge.

March 19, 2009
2166 Conyers Street
Covington, Ga 30014

Exteriors of the Myers House.
This is where all Hell Breaks loose in Haddonfield. If I'm lucky, me and a crew from the Black Bunny Blog should be a blur in the background being extras to the extras.

March 20, 2009
Morgan County Courthouse
143 E. Jefferson Street
Madison, Ga 30650

Exterior filming of the courthouse. Scenes with Brad Dourif and Bill Fagerbakke.

March 23, 2009
260 14th Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
Georgia Public Broadcasting

The theory is a scene with Dr. Loomis giving an interview on a television show was filmed. See the last picture.

March 24-25, 2009
4171 Hwy 142
Newborn, GA 30056

Fertilizer Warehouse
Many LONG hours of filming the Phantom Jam Halloween Party.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

H2: Next Shooting Location - The Rumor

My sources say the next set of shooting will on a sound stage/set. Don't know where and I don't know for how long. Stalkers have the day off :)

H2: Scout as Magenta

Here are a couple of pictures from blog readers - thanks to Leigh-Anne and Will...

H2: Phantom Jam

Today was the first time I left my house since Friday. I went to the Phantom Jam shoot. I arrived around 1'ish. I parked on the Crew side of the block and walked around to where the other spectators had gathered. I saw some familiar faces from the Rabbit in Red shoot and met some new friends (Will, I cannot remember your stepbrother's name, I'm sorry. Email me and remind me :)

I arrived in time to watch the extra's be shuttled from the tent and into the "party" (also known as the Newborn Fertilizer Plant building). At that point, there wasn't much going on. I took some random exterior shots. We noticed several people dressed as Rocky Horror characters walk down to the set. They hung outside awhile. Then Zombie came out and talked to them. Then the Crew brought some chairs out for them. We figured they were "somebody" but I didn't learn til later that it was Scout and friends :) I was able to snap a few distant shots before I heard to immortal words "No pictures." If I'm lucky, I'll have some photos from some other blog readers to post.

After about an hour, I wasn't feeling very well and decided it was time to go. I walked back to my vehicle and snapped a quick photo of, what I think, was the entrance to the Halloween party. I also saw several people working on a van tricked out with shag carpet and black-light posters. My guess, it will play a part in the movie. Don't know for sure but that is my bet.

Here are some of my photos from today. Enjoy!

Monday, March 23, 2009

H2: OK, No Flordia

OK, the Fla. trip was canceled (at least for me). I was still kicking a fever this morning (Monday) and opted out. I didn't want the other 5 people in the van to get sick.

But one piece of H2 news. My hubby got his call back for the Phantom Jam shoot! He is supposed to be at the Starlight Drive-In at 7:30am Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

I'll keep you updated.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

H2: The Forgotten Post

Duh!! I had one more set of pictures to share before my break in Fla. I mentioned in an earlier post I was able to get some decent pictures of the Myers house the day after the filming. Here they are:

H2: The Break

I will be in Flordia on a family trip next week. The blog with go back to its good ole' boring content while I am there; everyday life.

If someone goes to a shoot, write it up (like Micheal did) and post pix on the web and I'll put it on the blog (Micheal, Leigh Anne, Brandon, Jonathan???)

Until then, it's gonna be geeking with Star Wars - the Cherry Blossom Festival tomorrow in Macon and baking in Fla.


H2: All Hell breaks loose in Haddonfield

At lunch this past Thursday, I decided to run down to Conyers Street and see how things were going around the Myers house set. I was hoping to snap some pictures from a prime parking lot right across the street from the newly dilapidated Myers House. When I arrived, the police already had the street blocked and there was a semi conveniently sitting between the prime photo spot and the Myers House. I did a quick look for Jonathan but didn't really see anybody else down there. After that visit, I didn't have high hopes for the evening and I headed back to work.

At 5:15, I was parking my car down at Academy Springs park. I had my Halloween DVD cover in a folder on a clipboard and had no problems walking back and forth on the sidewalk across the street from the Myers house along with the rest of the crew. I SOOO badly just wanted to stop and get a good photo but I had visions of some psychotic PA or Security person absconding with my camera. That is when I met Leigh Anne. There wasn't much going on at the set so we decided to walk up to the trailers. As we started up the street a couple of Haddonfield ambulances passed by...


Once we reached the crew base, we walked the block and came across the church parking lot from the other side. We saw lots of people but not any of the ones we were looking for. We decided to walk the block again and go a bit further down. Well, we were detained when a friend of mine stopped for some conversation. When we finally rounded the block, we saw Jonathan. He was standing up near the trailers. When Leigh Anne and I got there, he said we had just missed Tyler. We were bummed!!! Then he pointed out that we were standing right between Tyler's trailer and the FX trailer. Jonathan introduced us to a couple that he was talking with. Turns out it was turbo5x and his other half. At that point, we saw a nervous PA pacing down the sidewalk. Jonathan warned us that they were probably gonna make us move. Sure enough, next came the (very nice, seriously) policeman and asked us to move 25-50 ft away. We complied. Not long after, Micheal came walking up behind us. While we were talking, we could see Tyler but there was no getting close to him. Then we noticed someone walking up the sidewalk from the opposite direction. He stopped and was getting an autograph and picture. At that point, Michael said "I'm goin'. Jonathan looked at me and Leigh Anne and said if we wanted that autograph and picture we better go now. We were about 20 feet away; Tyler was turning and the policeman was moving in between us and Tyler. Leigh Anne broke into a run. Tyler saw us and waved us over despite the cop. He was fantastic. We had a group religious experience of Tyler Mane autographs and pictures. It was AWESOME!!!!

Here is the picture from the group meet up (turbo5x had already left)...


And here are THE pictures and a couple of autographs!

After we collected ourselves, we decided to walk back down toward the set, well, Jonathan and Brandon eventually made it :) They had created chaos in front of the Myers house. There was a corner's van, four police vehicles, two ambulances, a fire truck and a news van. All the emergency vehicles were emblazoned with Haddonfield emblems.

We were standing on the corner farthest across the street from the Myers House. We figured they would eventually move us because we were standing in front of another house decorated for Halloween.


From that vantage point, we all tried to get house photos but Jonathan took the best picture earlier in the day...


That was pretty much it for photos for the rest of the evening. It was getting dark, they were prepping for filming and NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY. If I had a dime for every time I have heard that phrase.

Eventually, they moved us back behind the lightening rig. It was a good distance away. Since it was going to be a bit before they started shooting, some of us decided to walk back up to the trailers. Once I was there, I casually walked down the main sidewalk. Tyler was just standing there in full bloody jumpsuit smoking a cigarette - no security. I was amazed.

As I headed back, I heard a horn and jumped in the car with same said friend I mentioned earlier. We rode over to Anderson Ave - the opposite side of the shoot. After a few minutes my phone rings and Micheal says "Where are you?" after a very brief conversation, I was headed back to our original corner. Turned out they needed a few "spectator - gawkers" to stand in the extreme background (in front of the decorated house pictured above). That became our spot for the rest of the night. The PA's were great and even brought us over a case of water for our trouble.

Most of the biggies were there: Rob Zombie (of course), Tyler Mane, Scout Taylor-Compton, Bill Fagerbakke, Brad Dourif and Malcolm McDowell. We watched Sheriff Brackett and the paramedics bring Dr. Loomis out of the Myers House on a stretcher about 20 times and we think they were bringing bodies out in body bags and placing them in the Corner's Van.

Micheal's last goal for the night was Malcolm McDowell. As the hour got later, we started paying attention to the pick-up vans. Micheal told us that as soon as he saw Malcolm get in a van, he was sprinting to the trailers. Then it happened, the van pulled down and Malcolm was headed to the door. Forget the sprint. Micheal headed straight out to him. Malcolm paused and did a quick picture (notice the blood on his forehead). Leigh Anne and I never saw a flash and were both ready to run and take the photo if needed. It was quick, dark and a little shaky but he got the shot and there was much applause from our whole group!


Jonathan was the first to leave but who could blame him, he had been there since 9am and it paid off. He had a great pic with Scout and one with Zombie...

Leigh Anne headed out next. Micheal made his exit after his second religious experience of the night. I pooped out around 12:15am and headed to my car. Brandon was the last one left. We have all referred to ourselves as stalkers but I think the title truly belongs to Brandon. (I say that with all love and affection :)

Thursday night is an experience I will not forget. I met more of the great people from the Bunny Blog and I was truly humbled by the number of people who recognized the Black Bunny logo on my shirt and came over to speak to me. Thank you.

The most surreal moment of the night:
There were several times when everyone on set had to be quiet and still. It was a an indescribable feeling, standing on the corner, watching all the emergency lights going in the middle of this stillness and the town clock ringing midnight. Goosebumps.

I will leave this post (as if it isn't already long enough) with a couple of random pictures from the night!

I have to thank MJagr26, Jonathan, turbo5x, Leigh Anne and Brandon for letting me use some of their pictures!

H2: A One of a Kind Picture

Jason sent me this picture from the Decatur cemetery shoot this past week. It is the first and only one I have seen. That must have been one heck of a zoom!


Thanks for sharing Jason!

Friday, March 20, 2009

H2: The Procrastination

OK, last night was AMAZING (see MJagr26's comment under the 'H2: The Myers House'.) I have LOTS to write and pictures from Jason, Brandon, Leigh Ann, Michael and I'm sure Jonathan (hint-hint, I mean you have my primo Tyler Mane photo:).

Probably won't get anything up til tomorrow (and I'm hoping to have more from the shoot today to add - Micheal & Leigh Anne). Got home at 12:45 this morning, bed at 2am (yeah, I had the same issue Leigh Anne had - just couldn't wind down) and was at work this morning at 8am. So, I'm tired and I have tickets to the Thrashers / Red Wings game tonight.

On another note, I did go by the Myers house today at lunch. It was close to last night in appearance. They have moved part of the chain-link fence, piled up some of the weeds and fence vines and raked some of the leaves BUT I was able to get some decent dead-center, front-on pictures.

Oh, one more thing. I have a friend that was scheduled to be an extra in the Phantom Jam Halloween party scenes next week and he posted that they had changed the days to "Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon". Don't know what that really means...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

H2: Jonathan Pix

Jonathan, I can't thank you enough for sharing these pictures! These are interior shots of the house at the corner of Elizabeth and Conyers Streets.

H2: The Myers House

As everyone knows by now, they will be filming on Conyers Street tomorrow afternoon. They will be shooting exteriors of the Myers House. Below are a couple of pix of the house in Rob's Halloween...



Here it is today, with a complete makeover...


NOW, here is the house on Conyers Street. They were still doing superficial construction on it today...



I plan on being to Conyers Street by 5pm at the latest (earlier, if I can get off work early). I'm pretty sure Jonathan will be there. MJagr26 is considering it. Any word from anyone else??? Leigh-Anne, Brandon.... I would love to met you all. I can read the blog comments all day and I receive them on my BB. You can also email me at annabella.griffin@gmail.com

H2: More Pix from Decatur

My brother-in-law, MadMick, was lucky enough to be in Decatur when they were filming yesterday. Below are some pix he snapped with his cell phone...

Thanks MadMick!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trivia Night: Mellow Mushroom

The Frayed Ends of Sanity climbed one more step toward the top. We ranked 3rd tonight We actually won a Mellow Mushroom gift certificate!


Of course, they were celebrating St. Patrick's Day...