Monday, February 23, 2009

Fanboys Movie Opening

The movie opened in two theatres in Atlanta on Friday, Feb 20th. The Plaza on Ponce de Leon (near the Majestic) and at the Regal 8 in Alpharetta. Due to location and space, the GA 501st decided to gather at the Regal 8.

We were privlegded to have several members of the Carolina Garrison, the Rebel Legion and the Atlanta R2 Builders Club participate in this event with us.

While there were not a lot of people there to see Fanboys (what do expect for a geek movie that has received absolutely NO promotion), we made the best of it and had a wonderful time.

I think the employee's at the Regal enjoyed us being there....

We seem to have a lot of 'arrest' requests that night. I mean, who wouldn't want a small army of Stormtroopers holding guns to their head while crouching down on a hard, cold floor?

And then there's the children. I don't care how many times it happens, to see the eyes of a child light up when they see one of the troopers is amazing.

It was a fun night and great camaraderie. Of course, we couldn't leave without making fun of ourselves.



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