Wednesday, August 10, 2011

D*C 2011 Pub Crawl Protocol

The Pub Crawl is growing each year. With that in mind, I have compiled and list of suggestions, guidelines and general rules for the Poor Man's Pub Crawl.

> Make sure you have eaten a decent dinner and given it time to settle before the Crawl begins.
> Limit yourself to one drink per room.

> If you become too drunk or obnoxious, you will be asked to leave the Crawl and you will not be invited back the next year.
> Please remember you are in someone else’s hotel room. Respect them, their property and the hotel property.

> If you drop out of the Crawl before completing all the stops, you will drop to the bottom of next years Crawl room list.
> Each stop will be approximately 30 minutes. We will have an official timer. Time will start when the official timer arrives (not the first person) and end when the official timer calls ‘TIME’. At that time everyone must head to the next stop.

> If you do not complete the entire Crawl, your votes will be disqualified and you will not be asked to judge the next year.
> If a room has multiple drinks being served for their theme, I suggest you sample each drink instead of having a full glass.

1 comment:

Boboli222 said...

I like to call this first bullet the "Bob rule". I fell out after the first two rooms. This year all Bunny protocols will result in a superior crawl! I can't wait!