Monday, August 4, 2008

Pirate Fest 2008 - Tybee Island Map

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This is a map of the Tybee Island 'Stuff'. It indicates the parade route, primary location of the Pirate Fest activities (the Pier), where the beach house is located and Fort Pulaski. Why Fort Pulaski? I think we could get some great photo's there on Friday morning. Check it out:

Tenative Schedule:

Thursday - Arrive at Tybee that afternoon.

Morning: Photo's @ Fort Pulaski & Beach
Evening: Photo's @ the Beach
Evening: Pirate Fest Activities

Afternoon: Pirate Parade
Evening: Pirate Fest Activities

Sunday - Leave :(

The only things we need to do as a group are the parade and photo's. The rest of the time, just enjoy!

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