Saturday, August 1, 2009

Steve Vitale's Birthday and Wontkins

This past Sunday, we celebrated Steve's birthday. It was a grand time. We met at the Vitale abode around 3pm. As with most geek get-togethers, there was much socializing followed by a around of 'check-out the cool, new costume stuff'. Back on Liz's birthday, Steve had surprised her with the beginnings of her Ghostbuster costume. Well, now the proton pack had arrived so Liz modeled it for us.

steve vitals birthday 2009,liz vitale,ghostbusters

We watched the Dr. Horrible DVD. Not the normal DVD but the 'musical commentary'. Yeah, we really are that geeky. Next it was time for Steve to open gifts. There was the round of cards; my scrapbook card and deTag's always-so-awesomely-creative card. Liz saved hers for last. It was worth the wait. She had made him a Wontkins puppet! It looked fantastic!

wontkins,puppet,steve vitals birthday 2009,jim henson,wilkins coffee

For some background on this little muppet recreation, check out the Muppet Wiki and for more info on Liz and all her puppets, check out her website Puppetoons.

Wontkins was the hit of the party.

wontkins,puppet,steve vitals birthday 2009,deTag,jim henson,wilkins coffee

..and here is a vintage video of Wilkins and Wontkins in action.

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