Monday, August 31, 2009

D*C 2009

Dragon-Con is upon us and I am still trying like crazy to finalize things! I just wanted to post a few main bits of information before the insanity commences.

1) If you purchased a D*C membership through me and have any issues picking up your badge, call me on my cell phone. Send me an email if you need the number.

2) Thursday Night Dinner - Benihana's @ 7:30pm. Currently attending are: Me, Darrell, Jesse, Bob, Kris, Jane, Jay, Shane, Steve, Liz, Kindra, Hal, Anita, Mike (?). I think that is everyone. If you plan on attending and your name is not on the above list, let me know asap so I can change the reservation number.

3) Pirate Tea will be at 6:30pm on Friday night. If you are walking with the Bunny in the parade on Saturday morning you need to be there. If you cannot be there, let me know so I can get you your information and parade ribbon. This will also be the beginning of the Poor Man's Pub Crawl. If you would like to participate (and have a room at con) and have not signed up, please do so as soon as possible.

I think those are the biggies.

OK, my plan is too blog at con. I honestly do not know if that will happen or not.

We'll see :)

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