Friday, August 13, 2010

D*C 2010 Schedule – The Devil is in the Details!

On the slate for this year....

Thursday Night Dinner
Poor Man's Pub Crawl (with room themes!)
Black Bunny Pirates - D*C Parade
PRDS Photo Scavenger Hunt (with prizes!)

The Thursday Night Dinner
The vote is in and it looks like Max Lager’s is the winner! If you are not familiar with them, here is a link to the website menu Max Lager American Grill Brewery. You will notice there are no prices listed. While I have not been able to get a 2010 menu with prices, I do have one from 2009. At least this will give you an idea.

On the list for Thursday night dinner is Regina & Darrell, Steve & Liz ,Jesse, Kyle, Jay, Kindra & Connor, Jed & Erin, Josh and Thi.

I have a soft reservation with Max Lagers for 10-15 people at 7:30pm. They want me to call and give them a final count the day before (Wed., Sept 1st). If you want to go and are not on the list above, let me know ASAP.

Poor Man's Pub Crawl
The Poor Man’s Pub Crawl has shaped up nicely. As it currently stands, there are 6 rooms and around 17 people. I expect the number of people to go as high as 20-24 with six rooms (that’s about 4 people per room). There are a couple of people that have expressed interest that either have not committed a room and theme or are in need of a room to host.

Below is a list of participants, room themes and a draft schedule. If you want to switch your time, let me know. If someone wants to add a room, let me know. Right now, the schedule goes until 10p. While this may seem early to some, I have discovered that as the night progresses, the Crawl loses people. The later the last room is scheduled, the fewer people will show up. It was a real pity last year because the last room had AMAZING drinks!

Regina & Darrell (Marriott) @ 6:15p – Tiki
Brandi, Jack & Thi (Marriott) @ 7p – Steam Punk or Star Trek
Kindra & Paul (Hyatt) @ 7:45p – Mardi Gras
Amanda, Will & Eric (Hyatt) @ 8:30p – TMNT
Jed & Erin (Marriott) @ 9:15p – Hell
Jesse, Josh & Kyle (Marriott) @ 10p – Stark Industries Mixer

I know that Diane & Patrick are interested and will host, they just need a room to use. Alex & Lindsey are ya’ll in???

Black Bunny Pirates - D*C Parade
Long live the Bunny! The Black Bunny Pirate Crew will be marching in the D*C 2010 parade. So far, the marching crew consists of Regina, Darrell, Jesse, Josh, Kyle, Zach, Donna, Melissa, Brandi, Thi, Amanda, Will, Eric, Kindra and Connor. We can always use more Bunny Crew. My dear, sweet Powder Monkey will be the flag bearer and I am hoping to recruit Kyle, Zach, Thi, Eric and Will to handle the bead bags. We will have lots o’beads to throw. This is always a fun event. If you want to march with the Bunny - and I strongly encourage you too - let me know.

PRDS Photo Scavenger Hunt
New this year! I have been kicking this idea around for a few years and finally decided to give it a try.

The scavenger hunt list will be available for pick-up on Thursday. I will be around the host hotels all day Thursday with the exception of badge pick-up and Thursday Night Dinner. Just call my cell. If you need my cell phone number, just message me.

There are lots of different photos on the list. They range from difficult, easy, funny, interpretive and everything in between. Plus, there are all kinds of ways to get bonus points! Basically, it really isn't about finding the most scenarios. It is more about finding the unique ones and getting creative with the photos. (Note, I said creative, not pornographic). So, if you think you won't be able to participate because you are not staying at the convention or have a full schedule while you are there, I would challenge you to at least get signed-up and get a list. You never know when you will snap that 100 point photo. After all, there will be a prize. The winner(s) will be announced at the Masquerade viewing on Sunday night, at which time we will also slideshow all the photo entries. It should get very interesting.


Vermithrax said...

Really looking forward to everything. Just a couple of things of concern to me............

1. The link to the previous years menu doesn't work.

2. Should we allow more time during the Pub Crawl to get back to the Marriott from Kindra's room?

3. There is a $25.00 cover charge to come the Stark Industries Mixer. This covers your drink, security background check and box of condoms! Wait..............ohhh....that's for later. Never mind......Stark Industries Mixer is cover free!!!


Annabella said...

1. I think I have the menu link fixed.

2. We can pop an extra 15 minutes in there for the walk over and back. That is no problem.

3. Oh my....

Alex said...

Hey Gina! Of course Lindsey and I are in!

Kindra said...

Oh it stinks that our party is the only one away from the Marriot. Sorry for the walk guys!

Annabella said...

No you're not Kindra!! The TMNT room is at the Hyatt too. I just updated and slightly rearranged the list.

Vermithrax said...

Awesome Pub Crawl!