Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dragon Con 2010 - Event Planning

It is mid-June and time to plan for the upcoming Dragon Con. It seems like the planning grows with each year.

On the slate for this year....
Thursday Night Dinner
Poor Man's Pub Crawl (with room themes!)
Black Bunny Pirates - D*C Parade
PRDS Photo Scavenger Hunt (with prizes!)

The Thursday Night Dinner
This is usually held at a nicer restaurant within walking distance of the host hotels. I have a couple of suggestions but be sure to throw in your own ideas. I would like to have a head count by August 1st. I will need a definite head-count by August 15th.
Here are my suggestions:

Max Lager American Grill Brewery
Meehan’s – Downtown
Trader Vic’s
Azio Downtown
Metro Cafe' Diner

I know there are many more in the area but I am not in downtown Atlanta enough to add to the list. Please make/add suggestions in the comments.

Poor Man's Pub Crawl
We will be holding the Poor man's Pub Crawl on Friday night. As currently planned, it will begin at 6'ish in my room. From there, we will journey to all other participating rooms gazing with wonderment at their chosen themes It is an event with much revelry, staggering and inebriation. Thus far, we have approximately 7 rooms and 13-15 participants. Remember to have a non-alcoholic option (water, juice, soda - most mixers will work for this) for those who can't/don't drink.

If you have a room in a host hotel and are interested in participating, let me know asap.

Black Bunny Pirates - D*C Parade
Long live the Bunny! The Black Bunny Pirate Crew will be marching in the D*C 2010 parade again this year. I am hoping to have decent group (jesse, josh, kyle, cricket, amanda, will, thi, emily, glen - don't you love the way I volunteer people). I will have the flag (and I do need a flag bearer) and lots o'beads to throw and give away. This is always a fun event. If you want to march with the Bunny - and I strongly encourage you too - let me know.

PRDS Photo Scavenger Hunt
New this year! I have been kicking this idea around for a few years and finally decided to give it a try. We are currently working on the scavenger hunt list. If you have any ideas to contribute, please send them to me.

You will be able to pick-up a copy of the list on Thursday, two hours after Badge Pick-up begins. There are lots of different photos on the list - some scary, some not - some difficult and some not. Plus, there are all kinds of ways to get bonus points! Basically, it really isn't about finding the most scenarios. It is more about finding the unique ones and getting creative with the photos. (Note, I said creative, not pornographic). So, if you think you won't be able to participate because you are not staying at the convention or have a full schedule while you are there, I would challenge you to at least get signed-up and get a list. You never know when you will snap that 100 point photo.

There will be prizes for different categories. Categories and Prizes have yet to be determined. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

Let the frenzy and insanity the is Dragon Con begin!! Well, at least a the planning part....


Vermithrax said...

Sounds like a plan and you know how I like a plan! :)

Jay said...

I'm down with Trader Vics. I had SUCH a good time there two years ago. but count me in wherever y'all land!