Monday, May 26, 2008

The History

About five years ago, a few friends were sitting around discussing what type of pirate ship we would command if given the opportunity. Of course, everyone described the big, bad, nasty ship armed to the hilt with every possible weapon imaginable with names that would make victims tremble in their boots. This vein of discussion went on for quit awhile. After witnessing this growing competition for the alpha pirate ship, I announced my decision.

They could outfit their ships to the nines with every weapon known to man, put on a scary name and sail for the fight. Not me. I wanted to enjoy what life I had left. With that I christened the Black Bunny. On the BB, it's more about the drinking of rum, the camaraderie of crew and the party as we watch everyone else battle it out and slowly sink. We like to have a good time.

The idea of laid-back pirates struck a chord and the idea of the Black Bunny has been growing ever since.

She may not be the biggest or the badest ship on the seven seas but I guarantee the Black Bunny in the most fun.


JB said...

Now we just need a song for the crew to sing while drinking rum....or Vodka for that matter!

Annabella said...

So.... what are you waiting for?