Saturday, May 31, 2008

Schooner Rig - Fore and Aft Rig

Sloop - a small vessel with one mast and a fore and aft rig. The mainsail is attached to a gaff at the head and a boom at the foot and above it a gaff topsail can be set. Before the mast are one or more jibs.
Schooner - is a vessel with two or more fore-and-aft rigged masts. The fore- and mainsails are suspended from gaffs and laced to booms on the foot of the sails. The first schooners had two masts, but the most popular had three. In modern times the number of masts has increased.

A variety of Two Masted Schooners

Square Topsail Schooner -
is a two-masted vessel, the mainmast of which has a fore-and-aft mainsail and gaff topsail identical to those of an ordinary schooner. Both masts are made in two spars, but the lower foremast is a little shorter than the corresponding spar of the mainmast, and the topmast is a little longer. Three Masted Schooner Four Masted Schooner

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