Sunday, June 1, 2008


I am hoping to see most of the crew and my other fellow pirates at Dragon Con this year.

As Captain, I have just a few announcements.

(1) I am planning a gathering for dinner on Thursday night at Trader Vic's located in the Hilton. I am looking at a 7'ish pm dinner time. After dinner, we can walk over to the Hyatt to get our badges. The will be handing out the Pre-Reg badges until 11pm. I think (I hope) this will eliminate any real line wait.

(2) I will be hosting Black Bunny Tea on Friday night around 6pm. This will be a chance for everyone to get together and coordinate weekend events without cutting into the serious Friday night party time.

(3) I need crew to walk in the parade Saturday morning. For some, this is not an option, especially if they are tired of being a powder monkey. The parade starts at 10am and the line up is at 9am. The more crew, the better. Bob, are you carrying my flag? Again, I will have Bunny Beads to throw. I am hoping to have: Darrell, Kindra, Jesse, Ila, Josh, Kristen, Bob, Emily, Thi, D-Tag, Deneen and any one else interested in walking with the BB Crew.

(4) If anyone needs 'pirate' garb for the parade or for wandering around the con, let me know ASAP and will make sure I have something for you.

(5) We will be watching the Costume Contest in my room on Saturday night, so bring on the drinks. Depending on how I feel about the world and how well I am walking, I might make an appearance at the official Pirate Party at the Hyatt later that evening.

I think that is all for the moment. I will check back in with everyone closer to the Con.


JB said...

I'll be in the parade, as if you needed to ask. Deneen doesn't have a computer at home, so you'll need to ask her in person. Don't you mean Sunday night for the costume party?

We'll be there with bells on and Vodka in tow!


Annabella said...

I do mean Sunday night for the Costume Contest gathering.