Monday, August 31, 2009

D*C 2009

Dragon-Con is upon us and I am still trying like crazy to finalize things! I just wanted to post a few main bits of information before the insanity commences.

1) If you purchased a D*C membership through me and have any issues picking up your badge, call me on my cell phone. Send me an email if you need the number.

2) Thursday Night Dinner - Benihana's @ 7:30pm. Currently attending are: Me, Darrell, Jesse, Bob, Kris, Jane, Jay, Shane, Steve, Liz, Kindra, Hal, Anita, Mike (?). I think that is everyone. If you plan on attending and your name is not on the above list, let me know asap so I can change the reservation number.

3) Pirate Tea will be at 6:30pm on Friday night. If you are walking with the Bunny in the parade on Saturday morning you need to be there. If you cannot be there, let me know so I can get you your information and parade ribbon. This will also be the beginning of the Poor Man's Pub Crawl. If you would like to participate (and have a room at con) and have not signed up, please do so as soon as possible.

I think those are the biggies.

OK, my plan is too blog at con. I honestly do not know if that will happen or not.

We'll see :)

H2 Premier


Last Thursday/Friday, I had the privledge of attending the H2 Premier at the the Plaza Theater. There was a good crowd there, including Jonathan and Michael from the H2 Bunny Crew, people who had worked behind-the-scenes for the movie and lots of extras from the Phantom Jam scenes.

We arrived early at 10:30pm for the midnight showing.


There were already lots of people in costume out front along with one of the Rabbit in Red Billboards.


We went inside and grabbed our tickets. Luckily, Darrell had ordered them earlier. I'm not sure if the theater sold-out or not but it had to be close. In the lobby areas of the theater, they had several large pieces from the Phantom Jam, family pictures of the Strode family and even fake degree's that were handing on the wall during the Margot Kidder scene. One of the center pieces was Laurie's Glass Coffin.


It seems that when Zombie left Georgia, he gave most, if not all, the props to the crew at the Plaza that had helped with the movie. One of the other cool props was Myer's knife. Nick was showing it around when Michael took him up on the offer to take a closer look at it. Of course, there had to be a picture of an H2 Bunny Crew member with THE knife and no one was more deserving than our own Michael...


There were so many people there and so many things happening that I didn't have a chance to speak with nearly eveyone that I wanted too. And while it was a busy night, I was able to get a few other pictures!

Monday, August 3, 2009

D*C 2009 Dinner

Since, D*C is less than a month away, and it is time to make reservations for the Thursday night dinner.

I have already written about this earlier in the year. Here is a link to the previous post.

It lists possible restaurants and links to the menu's. Please respond as soon as possible!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Steve Vitale's Birthday and Wontkins

This past Sunday, we celebrated Steve's birthday. It was a grand time. We met at the Vitale abode around 3pm. As with most geek get-togethers, there was much socializing followed by a around of 'check-out the cool, new costume stuff'. Back on Liz's birthday, Steve had surprised her with the beginnings of her Ghostbuster costume. Well, now the proton pack had arrived so Liz modeled it for us.

steve vitals birthday 2009,liz vitale,ghostbusters

We watched the Dr. Horrible DVD. Not the normal DVD but the 'musical commentary'. Yeah, we really are that geeky. Next it was time for Steve to open gifts. There was the round of cards; my scrapbook card and deTag's always-so-awesomely-creative card. Liz saved hers for last. It was worth the wait. She had made him a Wontkins puppet! It looked fantastic!

wontkins,puppet,steve vitals birthday 2009,jim henson,wilkins coffee

For some background on this little muppet recreation, check out the Muppet Wiki and for more info on Liz and all her puppets, check out her website Puppetoons.

Wontkins was the hit of the party.

wontkins,puppet,steve vitals birthday 2009,deTag,jim henson,wilkins coffee

..and here is a vintage video of Wilkins and Wontkins in action.