Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trader Vic’s – Thursday before Dragon-Con

Friends and Crew, I have made a reservation for Trader Vic’s located at the Hilton for 12 people @ 7pm on the Thursday night before Dragon Con begins, August 28th.

Trader Vic's transports diners to the Pacific Islands with its exotic interior, Polynesian cuisine, and tropical cocktails. The Mai Tai Bar, decorated with colorful glass buoys suspended from bamboo rafters, offers fruity concoctions and tantalizing tidbits. Delectable meals are served in the dining room adorned with batik prints complimenting the Pacific Island theme.

It is still early in the game and I don’t know exactly who is interested in doing what but I will be calling for a final count on Monday, August 25th. Depending on the number who will be there and the consensus of opinion we will either have dinner in the Dining Room, just order some lighter fare in The Mai Tai Bar or just drink ½ price Mai-Tai’s and listen to the music by Tongohiti.

Check out all the links. It will give you an idea of what Trader Vic’s has to offer!


JB said...

I'm in. I think I'm going to take the whole day for Thursday. I've plenty of time to do it at work. So, we may need to talk about riding arrangements! :)

JB said...
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Jay said...

Count me in!

And Shane too!