Tuesday, July 1, 2008

OK, so this isn’t exactly piratey but I couldn’t help it! In my other life, when not pirating, I sew.

Many moons ago, I did lots of costuming. I was the Costume Director for the Georgia Renaissance Fair for several years; I costumed the Knights of Pendragon Joust, the Zucchini Brothers and costumed some plays at the Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern. As I said, that was many moons ago. After all that, I was burnt out. I had absolutely no desire to sew. Over the past few years, I’ve slowly gotten back into it.

On of the costumes I was asked (ok, I volunteered) to work on was what I affectionately call the Dominatrix Padme. So, I’ve been working with the corset pattern and I was able to put the boned mock-up on our Padme this past weekend.

Now, she won’t be laced up this tight for the costume but it was nice to see what a real corset can do. Before the corset went on, she has a 32” waist. After tightening several times, she was at a 28”.

What ‘cha think?

First lacing.....Last lacing.....

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JB said...

An absolute amazing job....as if you didn't already know that from me!