Saturday, March 21, 2009

H2: All Hell breaks loose in Haddonfield

At lunch this past Thursday, I decided to run down to Conyers Street and see how things were going around the Myers house set. I was hoping to snap some pictures from a prime parking lot right across the street from the newly dilapidated Myers House. When I arrived, the police already had the street blocked and there was a semi conveniently sitting between the prime photo spot and the Myers House. I did a quick look for Jonathan but didn't really see anybody else down there. After that visit, I didn't have high hopes for the evening and I headed back to work.

At 5:15, I was parking my car down at Academy Springs park. I had my Halloween DVD cover in a folder on a clipboard and had no problems walking back and forth on the sidewalk across the street from the Myers house along with the rest of the crew. I SOOO badly just wanted to stop and get a good photo but I had visions of some psychotic PA or Security person absconding with my camera. That is when I met Leigh Anne. There wasn't much going on at the set so we decided to walk up to the trailers. As we started up the street a couple of Haddonfield ambulances passed by...


Once we reached the crew base, we walked the block and came across the church parking lot from the other side. We saw lots of people but not any of the ones we were looking for. We decided to walk the block again and go a bit further down. Well, we were detained when a friend of mine stopped for some conversation. When we finally rounded the block, we saw Jonathan. He was standing up near the trailers. When Leigh Anne and I got there, he said we had just missed Tyler. We were bummed!!! Then he pointed out that we were standing right between Tyler's trailer and the FX trailer. Jonathan introduced us to a couple that he was talking with. Turns out it was turbo5x and his other half. At that point, we saw a nervous PA pacing down the sidewalk. Jonathan warned us that they were probably gonna make us move. Sure enough, next came the (very nice, seriously) policeman and asked us to move 25-50 ft away. We complied. Not long after, Micheal came walking up behind us. While we were talking, we could see Tyler but there was no getting close to him. Then we noticed someone walking up the sidewalk from the opposite direction. He stopped and was getting an autograph and picture. At that point, Michael said "I'm goin'. Jonathan looked at me and Leigh Anne and said if we wanted that autograph and picture we better go now. We were about 20 feet away; Tyler was turning and the policeman was moving in between us and Tyler. Leigh Anne broke into a run. Tyler saw us and waved us over despite the cop. He was fantastic. We had a group religious experience of Tyler Mane autographs and pictures. It was AWESOME!!!!

Here is the picture from the group meet up (turbo5x had already left)...


And here are THE pictures and a couple of autographs!

After we collected ourselves, we decided to walk back down toward the set, well, Jonathan and Brandon eventually made it :) They had created chaos in front of the Myers house. There was a corner's van, four police vehicles, two ambulances, a fire truck and a news van. All the emergency vehicles were emblazoned with Haddonfield emblems.

We were standing on the corner farthest across the street from the Myers House. We figured they would eventually move us because we were standing in front of another house decorated for Halloween.


From that vantage point, we all tried to get house photos but Jonathan took the best picture earlier in the day...


That was pretty much it for photos for the rest of the evening. It was getting dark, they were prepping for filming and NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY. If I had a dime for every time I have heard that phrase.

Eventually, they moved us back behind the lightening rig. It was a good distance away. Since it was going to be a bit before they started shooting, some of us decided to walk back up to the trailers. Once I was there, I casually walked down the main sidewalk. Tyler was just standing there in full bloody jumpsuit smoking a cigarette - no security. I was amazed.

As I headed back, I heard a horn and jumped in the car with same said friend I mentioned earlier. We rode over to Anderson Ave - the opposite side of the shoot. After a few minutes my phone rings and Micheal says "Where are you?" after a very brief conversation, I was headed back to our original corner. Turned out they needed a few "spectator - gawkers" to stand in the extreme background (in front of the decorated house pictured above). That became our spot for the rest of the night. The PA's were great and even brought us over a case of water for our trouble.

Most of the biggies were there: Rob Zombie (of course), Tyler Mane, Scout Taylor-Compton, Bill Fagerbakke, Brad Dourif and Malcolm McDowell. We watched Sheriff Brackett and the paramedics bring Dr. Loomis out of the Myers House on a stretcher about 20 times and we think they were bringing bodies out in body bags and placing them in the Corner's Van.

Micheal's last goal for the night was Malcolm McDowell. As the hour got later, we started paying attention to the pick-up vans. Micheal told us that as soon as he saw Malcolm get in a van, he was sprinting to the trailers. Then it happened, the van pulled down and Malcolm was headed to the door. Forget the sprint. Micheal headed straight out to him. Malcolm paused and did a quick picture (notice the blood on his forehead). Leigh Anne and I never saw a flash and were both ready to run and take the photo if needed. It was quick, dark and a little shaky but he got the shot and there was much applause from our whole group!


Jonathan was the first to leave but who could blame him, he had been there since 9am and it paid off. He had a great pic with Scout and one with Zombie...

Leigh Anne headed out next. Micheal made his exit after his second religious experience of the night. I pooped out around 12:15am and headed to my car. Brandon was the last one left. We have all referred to ourselves as stalkers but I think the title truly belongs to Brandon. (I say that with all love and affection :)

Thursday night is an experience I will not forget. I met more of the great people from the Bunny Blog and I was truly humbled by the number of people who recognized the Black Bunny logo on my shirt and came over to speak to me. Thank you.

The most surreal moment of the night:
There were several times when everyone on set had to be quiet and still. It was a an indescribable feeling, standing on the corner, watching all the emergency lights going in the middle of this stillness and the town clock ringing midnight. Goosebumps.

I will leave this post (as if it isn't already long enough) with a couple of random pictures from the night!

I have to thank MJagr26, Jonathan, turbo5x, Leigh Anne and Brandon for letting me use some of their pictures!


Nick said...

I seriously think you are one of the coolest people in the world!! Keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

Annabella, MJagr26, Jonathan, turbo
5x, Leigh Anne, and Brandon...i want to take this time to personally thank you guys for all of these great pics and updates you've been giving to all of us...i am such a huge fan of the halloween series and rob have no idea how grateful i am for keeping us up-to-date with the entire filming process of H2...well once again thank you for everything and i look forward to checking the blog on a daily basis!!!


P.S. Annabella...your blog is definitely my new favorite is the first thing i check when i log onto the (yea i'm a little obsessed)...thank you for creating this blog and keeping us all well informed of the production of this film..i know it must be very tedious keeping up with all of the updates, attending the shoots, and writing all of your blog entries...its so nice of you to take the time to do this for all us are a great person


Anonymous said...

i saw ya'll there, i was with like 6 other people, that was a great night
i had to go around 11:00 but i saw them film the scene with samuel loomis being brought out of the Myer's house like 7 times
it was an amazing night

Annabella said...

where you up on the same corner??

MJagr26 said...

thanks cork. im sorry you can't be here to enjoy this with us. truth is, we are all just movie fans. from the crew to us fans in the field to the fans reading the blogs. i love doing this, i love the new friends ive made and i love the fact that something like this can bring so many strangers together for the same cause, with the same passions. i promise to continue with brandon, regina, leigh anne and jonathan to bring you guys the most current info and photos asap. you're all first class in my book and i appreciate you guys posting and getting involved.

add me as a friend if you like

quick update for those who don't know already...bill moseley has been recast as seymour coffins due to scheduling conflicts. no word on who will be filling the role, but i know they were going to try filming some promo spots for the seymour coffins show at the tv station on monday.


Annabella said...

Thanks Cork! That means a lot to me.

Haddonfield fan said...

This blog is fantastic, thanks for all the great updates on H2, means alot to us fans for sure, you guys look like you are having a blast aswell! Keep up the great work guys and thanks again!

brandon said...

haha stalker? just dedicated. I might hit stalker status after I get my mask in the mail...then trying ot get it autographed by everyone.

Jonathan said...

i need info on Bill Mosely shoots if at all possible,hes the only reject who I havent got to sign my pic,any info helps guys

Brandon said...

Great memories!

Annabella said...

I agree. I was just showing this very post this past Sunday. That was a great day!