Thursday, March 26, 2009

H2: Production Notes Part 2

Not a real interesting post but again, I want to keep as much of the information together as possible...

March 4 – 12, 2009
1981 Broughton Road
Newborn, GA
Brackett House

I believe these were primarily interior shots of the Brackett House.

March 13, 2009
Hwy 142 and Pennington Road
Farrar, GA (Shady Dale)
Exterior Rabbit in Red

This is where Ezra Buzzington was filmed as the beer truck driver (at least one place). I believe they may have done some flash-back shots. We saw young Micheal Myers ‘photographic’ double. This is also where 3 of the murders were filmed. I know one was Ezra (as Ned). Unfortunately, they cleared all spectators before filming the murder scenes.

March 16, 2009
2176 Monticello Street – Therapist’s Office (Interior)
4135 Conyers Street – Mya’s Apt (Interior)
Covington, GA

They filmed in two different locations. One was at a small house on Conyers Street. Here, they filmed the interior of Mya’s apartment. The second location was at one of the antebellum homes on Monticello Street. Here, they filmed interior shots of the Therapist’s office.

March 17, 2009
515 N. McDonough Street (Exterior Bookstore)
545 N. McDonough Street (Interior Bookstore)
211 Bell Street (Cemetery)
Decatur, GA

Three shots were filmed in Decatur on St. Patrick’s Day; the interior of the bookstore, the exterior of the bookstore and the Cemetery. This was the first shoot that we know Malcom McDowell was involved in – Brandon got a picture of him.

March 18, 2009
Foxy Lady
1635 Moreland Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30316

They will be filming interior shots of the Rabbit in Red Lounge.

March 19, 2009
2166 Conyers Street
Covington, Ga 30014

Exteriors of the Myers House.
This is where all Hell Breaks loose in Haddonfield. If I'm lucky, me and a crew from the Black Bunny Blog should be a blur in the background being extras to the extras.

March 20, 2009
Morgan County Courthouse
143 E. Jefferson Street
Madison, Ga 30650

Exterior filming of the courthouse. Scenes with Brad Dourif and Bill Fagerbakke.

March 23, 2009
260 14th Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
Georgia Public Broadcasting

The theory is a scene with Dr. Loomis giving an interview on a television show was filmed. See the last picture.

March 24-25, 2009
4171 Hwy 142
Newborn, GA 30056

Fertilizer Warehouse
Many LONG hours of filming the Phantom Jam Halloween Party.


MJagr26 said...

holy crap weird al??? and i guess we now know where chris hardwick is fitting into the film.

MJagr26 said...

hey guys, im planning something special for all of you that are unable to attend any of the shoots and experience what we are able to experience. make sure you are on my friends list on myspace to qualify. (easier for me to track)

and ps...brush up on your halloween trivia.

make sure you leave me a message within the friends request so i know you arent some person promoting your band or something like that.


wilburj45 said...

Hey Annabella. It's Will. I was just wondering how the second of filming the Phantom Jam was for 'yo man' and how long they were filming for that day...?

wilburj45 said...

*the second DAY, i meant

bsheahan said...

I just wanted to say a thousand thank yous to everyone who posts info and pics on here! Yall are great! Im so hooked on this and if I didnt have to be a wife an mother to 2 teenagers I would soooo be there!!!!

Annabella said...

Day 2 filming of Phantom Jam was LONG! Just a quick run down to explain why he is sound asleep at 2:30 in the afternoon :)

They reported to the Starlight Drive In at 7:30am on Tuesday morning. He got home at 3:30am Wednesday morning and to bed at 5am.

He was back at the Starlight at 9:30am Wednesday and he rolled into the house at 6am (yes, I said 6am) this morning (Thursday). Grueling but I think he had a blast!

Annabella said...

MJagr26 - so Can I play? :)

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Anonymous said...

that is where their temporary office has been set up since early february - they build sets there and use the entire warehouse for offices/ sets/ deliveries.

its not a good idea to go hanging around there - it is private property.

it has gone unnoticed until now.

please take down the post above. thanks.

Annabella said...

The Production Office comments have been deleted. I encourage EVERYONE to NOT go anywhere near the Production Offices. As it has been stated, it is on Private Property. That was my post about stalkers having the day off today.

Anonymous said...

thanks! it is fun and entertaining for all until it becomes too invasive. thanks for the respect!

Anonymous said...

J. Burleson said...

wow, I'm bummed to hear they are changing the music. I know they wanted to last time or at least that was the rumor.....I'm all for change with this one so they can make some different sequels even after H2, but the music is one thing I never want to see change :(

wilburj45 said...

My gosh! That does sound grueling!!!!