Monday, March 30, 2009

H2: Erin & Brittany

This just goes to prove that you never know what might happen if you go play a late-night game of basketball....

This was a comment that Erin left on the 'H2: Sheri Moon Zombie' post:

"there were some kids playing basketball at the church court"

That was my niece and her friends!!!! They were playing b-ball and she said that the cast and crew invited them into eat with them later that night when they wrapped filming. She said they were by far the nicest people she has ever met (she had no idea that they were even filming a movie there!). She was TERRIFIED of Tyler Mane because he was still kind of in makeup (a little) and because of his size. He could tell she was a little wary of him and totally started picking on her and trying to get her to laugh - he even picked her up and was swinging her around. It finally worked but he kept at her for about 20 minutes. She got to meet the Zombies and she said they were cool as hell to her and her friends too. I will email a pic to you Annabella as soon as she emails it to me. I asked my niece, Brittany, if she got their autograph and she said "ohhhh, uhhh, well I didn't even think about doing that, dammit. I guess I was still in shock about meeting and eating dinner with them!"

Erin also added...

She also said that Tyler kept coming up to her and saying "how would your mom like it if she knew that you had a psycho killer for a boyfriend?" How funny! It's really cool that he has such a great sense of humor and it's typical Hollywood. I'm jealous - sounds like she had a great time.
Oh, and one more thing. She said that the food they served was unbelievable. Steak, chicken, etc. She kept saying: "Erin, they were serving REAL green beans! Real ones! It was sooo good!"

Here are a couple of pictures of Brittany and Tyler. Lucky, lucky girl!


MJagr26 said...

wow, how did i miss her?

MJagr26 said...

quote from

"The Black Bunny gang are like paparazzi of Halloween, they know times, days, whether it's interior or exterior. And they drive to god knows where to take all the photo's they can hoping to get a shot of something awesome, like the masks. Then it's on BD Myspace Youtube Imdb ect.. I dought that what the crew wants. Alive is very cool for respecting Tyler and Wayne and the rest of the crew by not blabber mouthing. It will show up soon."

lovin it.

Jonathan said...

that is so funny,Ive seen this guys pics all over the place,telling everyone hes in with tyler and rob and if thats the case and they are so buddy buddy why all the pics with them????sounds like an out of control fan that makes the rest of us look bad.sounds like alive posted that himself to try to not look like such a fruit loop with the things he says!

Charles said...

I'd appreciate some level of respect. The same kind I provide others with when I first meet them. I never said anything bad about the black bunny. In one post I claimed to beat you guys to the punch on location news back around march 4th on, and thats not bad is it? I certainly didn't say it with any malice.

The only place I've posted my info is at and my myspacepage page

If it wound up somewhere else and yes I have seen it on OHMB (Original Halloween Message Board) it wasn't me who posted it there.

Some of my friends at know people who work for the film, but that's not how I got in. I am saying this because your pushing, and you wouldn't want me to push back.

You guys were posting spoilers, and that comment Mikes speaking of was true at the time when it was posted by ryan choas.

Mud slinging ain't cool, and I never claimed to be in with Rob. I was however Guested by Tyler Mane, and it was very cool while it lasted. I wish it still was in effect. A near 20 year fan like myself never had it so good. It was like Disneyland for me.

I don't know if this post autopost or not. I honesly don't care. Annabella I was cool to you and Brandon when we met. I'd really appreciate it if you guys would not bring this into the direction your currently pushing it into.

If you have a problem with a member at you talk to them, not about them. I never spoke poorly of this place. Not once, and ocnyers is pretty damn small. Let's try to be civil.

Just so we knwo this is clear. I was never in with Rob.. And I only had a guest pass from Tyler Mane. OK.

Annabella said...

Charles, I have not posted any comments concerning you or The comments do not auto-post but everyone has a right to be heard.

I think at this point we have heard enough from everyone. I will not allow any more posts questioning
anyones purposes/integrity/etc. from any source.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I fell into this 15 minutes of fame. I never went looking for it.

MJagr26 said...

i think thats the first pic of tyler with a grin that i have seen.

Charles said...

I know it wasn't you Annabella. I was so thrilled to see your Husband in the flesh in his London After Midnight Like getup on the second day of the Phantom Jam.

I kept pointing him out saying- That's Annabella's husband right there. That's a serious costume, man. I like it. People are like Annawho???

And as soon as I saw Brandon, and realized he had the masks he was talking about here. I was like, man.. I gotta help this dude.

That's who I am.

I wish I had talked to you longer on the first day of the phantom jam when I waltz out there to base camp for like 30 minutes or so. Did you see how much crap I carrying. A mold with a still curing latex mask inside it. And some stupid black death robe I rented.

It would have been nice to have become more formal with you guys. Seeing as I became pretty damn dependant on this place for location information. I found a few places on my own, but it always seemed to show up here in enough time that I stop chasing it on my own. I was only out there 6 times.

If any of my post history has survived you can see that I was always trying to help others, and congratulating them on their scores.

I was never dog eat dog about anything.

I'm sure if you had known me better. I'd be right there next to you folks when you travelled out to Oxford. I never thought or felt that I was above anyone else there.

Erin said...

MJagr: I agree! I haven't seen any others with TM grinning like that :)

Erin said...

MJagr: I don't know how you missed her, maybe they were there later at night? Which is what I think she told me. Her and her friends had no idea that they were even filming either, they were just there playing ball and weren't even concerned about what was going on. Too funny!

MJagr26 said...

what time was it? we left at about 12:30ish. they were just getting back from lunch.

Annabella said...

Mark, I didn't post your comment about the location information because I have stopped posting that on the blog. I have very limited location information but I am not aware of any more filming in Oxford. Thanks!

Erin said...

I'm honestly not sure. She just said they were there late that night (Friday) and were about to hit up the Waffle House - so you know that could be anytime... And she also said that she didn't get to bed until the wee hours of the morning...maybe it was different kids playing basketball that you talked to...?

MJagr26 said...

was she sitting at the picnic table?