Tuesday, March 3, 2009

H2 Production Notes

I don't know if this will interest many people but I wanted to record it with everything else for future reference.

Below are dates, location and shot descriptions that have happened from Monday, February 23rd - Tuesday, March 3rd.

Monday, Feb 23 - Wednesday, Feb 25
Dunwoody Medical Center
Dunwoody, GA
Interior of Haddonfield Hospital

As the description says, it was interior hospital shots. I theorize the 1st picture Rob Zombie posted for H2 came from this series of filming.

Thursday, Feb 26 - Friday, Feb 27

There were a plethora of shots done in Covington over the course of these two days.
(1) A Tow scene was filmed on Elm Street between Hwy. 278 and Usher Street.
(2) Of course, all of the exterior Haddonfield Halloween Festival shots were down on the Covington Town Square.
(3) What I was told was "the Myers House", the notes refer to it as the "Mask House", was filmed on Anderson Ave. and Thompson Ave.
(4) What was said to be the opening shot of H2 was filmed on Floyd Street between Elm and East Streets. Laurie Strode walking down the street with Loomis's gun; supposed to be what happened right after she shot Micheal Myers in Part 1.
(5) The Exterior of the Bookstore. I don't know where this fits into the movie storyboard but I have pictures of the Loomis book that was in the window display.

Monday, Mar 2 - Tuesday, Mar 3

There several shots filmed here as well...
(1) Interior and Exterior(front) Java Hole shots were done at the Dog Ear Bookstore.
(2) A block up, on 1st Street (Old Post Road), they shot Exterior Java Hole (supposed to be the rear door) scenes.
(3) Exterior scenes of Mya's Apt. on Main Street.
(4) The Hanging Tree on the corner of Academy Street and Jones Alley.

I know that they shoot in Newborn next and they will be shooting for several (like a week) days. I know they are filming "The Brackett House". And that's all I know at the moment. When I get new information, I'll pass it on...


Nick said...

Thank you for letting us know!!
Can't wait to hear/see more :D

MJagr26 said...

Night shoot for Zombie Land in Morrow tomorrow night. Don't know exact location, but it is a shopping center and i believe it is exterior with lots of zombies. Not able to confirm if Woody would be there or not. I would assume so. He was off today. Any further word, I'll let you know. Great info on the H2 project. Keep me informed.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the updates...keep them coming!

did darrell ever get to be an extra?

John said...

Yes, Your blog is the best. Keep me posted, I live 3 hours away and I have been trying to get down there, but I have no clue about whats being shot where, and I have to take a day off from work. But yes!!! If it's going on for several more days, I might actually be able to go. (*raises arms in the air in a triumphant manner*) THANKS!!!!