Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ga 501st: Borders Book Release

This past Saturday, members of the Ga 501st were out at the Borders in Stonecrest Mall helping promote the release of a new Star Wars book "Outcast".

It was a two hour promotion and everyone at the Borders and those passing by in the Mall seemed to enjoy seeing something a little different and there were many photos taken.

It was also a perfect opportunity for troopers to catch up on their reading...

Of course, there was much silliness and a quick field trip to the Game Stop and Hot Topic before we left:


Vermithrax said...

We had an absolute blast. The mall was fun and we had a good time trooping and meeting all kinds of folks. It never fails to amaze me how many folks think we aren't "real". Anyway, always good to troop with friends and the I.S.S. was there to support us.

Puppatoons said...

I'm with Jesse---it's hilarious how many people thought we were robots!
I wish we knew about the field trip down the mall or we could have joined in the shenanigans! Dang! But anyway, yes, kudos on the tremendous support and camera work from the I.S.S. :)

Puppatoons said...

PS...I think our "reading" photos are my favorites!!! "The Geeks Guide to World Domination" is the best!