Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thrasher vs. Tampa Bay

It was the last game of the season so we decided to make it count. We arrived early and I was able to down and take some more snapshot pictures - after all it was my last chance for the season.

The guys also decided to see the season out with style. Darrell brought his RC bucket, Steve brought his Biker Scout and Kyle had a Stormtrooper. They even made the Jumbotron!!

Not to be out done, Liz brought her newly created and Thrasher inspired puppet 'Frash'. He was a huge hit with several people wanting pictures with him. Frash also made the Jumbotron!

Guess who I ran into (OK, I knew he was going) at the game, one of my dear H2 Bunny Crew- Brandon!


Of course, we stomped Tampa Bay 6-2.

And always, I leave with a group picture: Darrell, Kyle, deTag, Steve, Frash and Liz!

And the last message on the Jumbotron that night...

I took a couple of videos as well, they are under the 'read more >>>'

Star Wars Guys


Rabid Fan

And the Official Thrashers Fan Appreciation Video...


Vermithrax said...

Awesomeness!!!! I love that puppet!

Vermithrax said...

Awesomeness.........I love the puppet!

Vermithrax said...

My helmet is famous.....twice! This means I can get a ton of money for it on E-bay!!!