Sunday, April 5, 2009

H2: Michael's Last Shoot

hi guys,
well what has become my 10th shoot for h2 today was a great one. as you guys may or may not know, today was to be my last day of location experiences. and i couldn't be happier with the cast and crew and the things they have done for us. got to alcovy high at about 3pm. met with tammy, a cool security guard i've chatted with many times throughout the month and then regina showed up. leigh-anne was soon to follow, then brandon arrived. i finally met scout today! she showed us how rob's been beating her up with the bruises she had on her arms, but she's a hell of a trooper. she made me it was very weird. but i would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for being such a cool chick. definately a great end to a great month. next we saw rob and sheri pull up. we didn't want to bother them with the dog and all so when rob was walking back to his trailer he stopped and signed for us and took some photos with us. lovin his cooper shirt. we told both him and scout about "fan"tom jam at the rabbit h2 fan wrap party we were planning and they both seemed to get a kick out of it. ive got some nice door prizes for the party as well. brandon was able to meet scout again and get his mask signed by the only cast member missing, so well done brandon! we decided to get some food and headed over to rabbit (hwy 142 bar & grill) to discuss party plans with rocky. we ended up hanging out there for awhile and met a majority of the staff. we are gonna light that place up! i'll post more details on the party very soon. i can tell you that capacity is 100 people so i'll need rsvps from those planning to attend asap. the bar has a nice menu of food and serve beer and wine. when we finally left rabbit, regina headed home and me, brandon and leigh-anne headed back to the school. we weren't there 15 minutes and tyler walked out of his trailer and he signed a couple photos for me. like i've said before, i went into this with my own selfish intentions for my own personal experiences and the friends i have made along the way are now priceless to me. this whole experience has become so much more to me, the fanbase that is now attached to this blog is amazing and i can't thank regina, brandon, leigh-anne, cast and crew for making it all happen. i've been happy to report to you guys this past month and hope to meet you guys at the party. i'll update soon.

one last thing...
to rob, i want to thank you so much for this whole experience. you made me feel like a kid again this last month. i've been a huge fan for years and for you to bring something like this to my backyard, i am truly grateful.

to tyler, i want to thank you for being such a great guy to all of us. you have been one of the friendliest guys to meet. still hope to destroy you on call of duty one of these days.

to scout, you are an angel and an extremely talented actress. i'm sorry i spazzed on you earlier. pretty awkward and moving

wayne and bart, you are the men! such talented artists and pure geniuses of gore. wayne i will make it to halloweentown someday.



MJagr26 said...

hey guys,
i have a list of some of the door prizes that will will be up for grabs at the party...
*8x10 halloween photo
signed by rob, wayne, bart and scout and tyler
*8x10 halloween photo
signed by rob, wayne, bart and scout
*8x10 signed by tyler
*a movie prop
*a couple of rob's spookshow international comic books
*a copy of the haunted world of el superbeasto
*$150 gift certificate to Devotion Tattoo in McDonough
*$50 gift certificate to Devotion Tattoo

don't miss out! costumes welcomed and encouraged.


amanda said...

im so excited bout the party, but i have no costume. anybody have any ideas that i could use with just household items for me and the hubby to wear.

The Toxic Doc said...

The Toxic Doc is SO there, man!

MJagr26 said...

how many should i put you down for toxic?

The Toxic Doc said...

Just one, but I will be driving in with a friend.(Check "Phantom Jam Survivors" on Facebook. Her name is Dayna and we both commented on the thread "...whose in?")

The Toxic Doc said...

Just the one, but will be arriving with a friend. (Check "Phantom Jam Survivors" on Facebook. Her name is Dayna and we both commented on the thread "...whose in?")

The Toxic Doc said...


The Toxic Doc
Dayna/Zomberella and Mike

I will reply to the other thread, too. Just in case.