Saturday, April 4, 2009

H2: The End

Friday, I dropped by on my last filming of H2. When I arrived, Michael was already there and we were waiting on Leigh-Anne and Brandon. Thanks to Michael, I was able to get my DVD autographed and get a picture with Scout. She was the sweetest thing. She told us that they had been shooting until 7am Friday morning. She also told us at the shoot she was cold and the rain didn't help. She showed us her bruised up arms. She's definitely a trooper. Leigh-Anne arrived right before Rob & Sheri Zombie. Sheri had her pug with her. After Rob walked her to her trailer, he came back to his and he was kind enough to sign my DVD and take a picture with me. Michael and Leigh-Anne also took pictures with him and he signed several things for Michael. Finally, Brandon arrived (you know I'm kidding) and not 15 minutes later, he had Scout's autograph on his mask. At this point, the crew was starting to clear spectators so we decided to head to the Hwy 142 Bar & Grill for dinner. We had a good meal, talked and had a genuinely great evening.

The filming is pretty much over and the Black Bunny Blog will be resuming it's nice boring, geeky and fun entries. You are welcome to hang around as long as you like. I just wanted you to know that most of the H2 posts are done. The only one I see ahead is the Fan-tom Jam Party Post and I will post some more H2 when the movie comes out in August.

I must tell everyone thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. All of those who read, who posted, who emailed and who showed up. I have met some fantastic people that I will not soon forget.

I will leave this with a couple of slide shows.

First, my Trifecta:

A group of people that I have grown close to and to who part of H2 Posts and Pictures are credited to, The H2 Bunny Crew:

Lastly, a retrospective. Some of my favorite pictures, from beginning to end.

Good bye Mr. Zombie, Mr. Mane and Ms. Taylor-Compton. It was a blast!!


MJagr26 said...

couldn't have said it better myself.

Jonathan said...

To Annabella,Leighanne,Brandon and Michael.
It was great meeting you guys during all this.Thank you guys for all the pics and info that were shared,there was a ton!Most of all thanks to Annabella for all the time and effort you put into this blog over the past month,Love it or hate it(and there were a few haters)EVERYONE came here for updated H2 info,and when the ones that dont like what your doing read it too, you know you got something good!!!I really had a good time, you guys have a hell of a good time and the wrap party.wish I coulda made it! but drink one for me!much thanks you guys!!!Jonathan

p.s Brandon I think 142 cafe will have OJ so you wont need any cranberry!!!

Anonymous said...

so is the shooting of the movie itself over? or are you just moving on? i thought the schedule would last until the end of april.

thanks for your contribution, btw. i thoroughly enjoyed it.


Annabella said...

Boydon, the last day of filming will be Wednesday (April 8th), so it's pretty much over :(

Annabella said...

Thanks Jonathan! It was great to meet you and we will have to all get together and have dinner at the Rabbit in Red!!!

Anonymous said...

i can't believe its almost over...again, i want to thank all you guys for keeping us up-to-date during the enitre production of this film...most of all thank you annabella for being so kind and gernerous with your time...lastly, i think we can all agree that august 28th can not come quick enough!!!


Nicole said...

I had a blast being an extra at Phantom Jam. I was the vampire with the Beer Garden Girl with no beer " Angelica". We have some great pic's if youwant them. Would love to attend the party on the 17th how do I rsvp?

Brandon said...

Pretty crazy its almost over. Had a fucking blast. clearing still can't believe it. ::shakes head:: :)

Jonathan... Cranberry tastes much better with patron than OJ would!

Leigh-Anne said...

What an awesome experience this has all been! I've been a huge Rob Zombie fan forever, so meeting him (several times) was something I dreamed about but honestly thought would never happen. And meeting Sheri was more than I could've ever asked for!

But quite possibly the most wonderful thing about all this is the fantastic new friends I have made, and that’s all thanks to this blog. (Thank you so much for all your hard work, Regina!) I’m so sad that the H2 experience is coming to an end. I know I'll look back on this as the best month of my life!

amanda said...

i justed wanted to tell yall thank u for all the post. im so glad i found this blog and will continue to read even though H2 is over. i actually was looking at old post and saw that yall went to see Fanboys and dressed up, thought that was awesome. i still have not seen the movie. my husband and r siblings had planned on seeing it as soon as we saw the trailer, but we never saw when it played. thanks again and can not wait till the party!!! annabella, once again thank u for all info and also darrell for the picture.