Sunday, May 10, 2009

GARF Visit: 2009

This past Saturday, I spent the day at the Renn Faire with Jesse, Kyle, Steve, Liz, deTag, Hal and Anita. I was lucky enough to run into Jay Finch at the end of the day at the Pub sing. Darrell had a 501st event downtown at The Sweet Auburn Festival.

It was a good time. Since I was solo, I just followed the crowd and enjoyed myself. We watched the Lipizzan Stallions and, of course, the Ded Bob Show. I also had the opportunity to see Cast in Bronze where carillon music is performed on over five tons of cast bronze bells. The rest of the crew went to the last joust of the day while I sat in the Pub for the Pub Sing. I just cannot stomach the Hanlon-Lee’s after working so closely with the real jousters of Pendragon.

Throughout the day there was much snacking, walking, browsing and silliness.

Liz brought her new Dragon Puppet Coco. She was a hit with the Renn Faire folks and other patrons alike…

And, as customary, the last group photo of the day. Yes, there are two. If you look real close, you will notice that I took one with deTag on the left and he took one with me on the left. Thanks deTag!

Renn Fest,2009,dtag,liz vitale,steve vitale,kyle,jesse,hal,anita,coco

Renn Fest,2009,gina,liz vitale,steve vitale,kyle,jesse,hal,anita,coco


Vermithrax said...

Wow, we all got skinnier on those photo's. I love your camera Gina!

Alex said...

HA! Look at Hal Indiana Jonesing it up. Awesome!

eric said...

i havn't seen cast in bronze in forever. i should dig out the cd i got.

MJagr26 said...

I gotta get there this season. I've had so much fun in year's past! Damn those turkey legs!

Annabella said...

We'll be headed back there this weekend - on Sunday. Darrell wasn't able to go last time.