Saturday, May 23, 2009

Stormtrooper at the Braves and Trivia Nights: Catching Up!

Sorry I have been absent lately. I had some medical issues last week and have spent this week catching up with stuff from last week. I need less stuff!

Now to catch up the blog! Hmmmm, we have had two Trivia Nights, we'll save save those for last. Don't like to dwell on it so I will start with Zach, Josh and Kyle's trip to Turner Field. You remember Zach. He is our Star Wars Sports guy. He arranged for the 501st to appear at a GSU game and was the first of the Crew to wear a TK helmet at a Thrashers game. Well, this past week he donned the TK helmet for a Braves game. Here are some pictures from their adventure along with an email Zach sent to me.


TK at the Braves. Horrible game. Lots of kids and others wanting pictures though.

Got on the big screen. Twice. In fact, the first time, it was really REALLY long. I ran out of dance moves so I looked at my "watch" and gestured that I was done.

I'll try to get Braves Vision to get a copy of the tape. I think it's possible.

One of the coolest things was when I got my picture with Homer the Brave (mascot) and he dragged us off into the bowels of Cartoon Network. They have a photo-op area with the background being Clone Wars.

Neato. Oh, it was retro hat give away too.

And my favorite picture: Kyle, Zach and Josh.


Trivia Night for the last two weeks. All I have to say is good food, great friends and really, REALLY crappy trivia. The pictures tell it all.

Darrell, Kyle, Alex, Jed, Jesse and Zach


There some new people at the last Trivia Night so please forgive if I get names wrong or mis-spelled. Just let me know, Jesse.

Jed, Darrell, Alex, Jesse, Katherine, Kyle and Mike. Blaine didn't make the picture.


We are working on Mike's sad face.

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