Sunday, May 24, 2009

Silver Scream Picture Show: The Creature from the Black Lagoon

OK, this is a strange trip how I ended up at the Silver Scream Spook Show last night.

It started the first day that Zombie was in Covington filming H2. I happened to stop by the Square that morning to take pictures of the 'set' and props. It was all but deserted so I ran around and was looking at everything. One of the 'props' that caught my eye was a retro spook show poster/flyer. I took a close up picture and included in my first H2 post. Even then, I mentioned I wanted one of those flyer's (which I did snag off the set). It didn't take long before several readers let me know that it was a legit poster from a show that happens every month at The Plaza Theater.

Fast forward to the H2 Phantom Jam shoot for H2. The hubby was an extra and met all kinds of great people. The group that coordinated and did makeup was the crew from the 'Silver Scream Spook Show'!


Fast forward a little more to Micheal's Fan-tom Jam Wrap Party. Here I had the opportunity to meet some of these wonderful (and amazing talented) people.

Finally, the hubby decided we would make it a point to go this month. After all, it was 'The Creature from the Black Lagoon' in 3D! So off we went.


The show was phenomenal and I will admit, I think I am hooked. We already have next month's on the calendar.

It is reminiscent of the old shlock horror movie host shows. The 'ghost host with the most', Prof. Morte, and his side kick Retch are not only entertaining but have a quick wit for anything the audience may throw at them. One of my favorite bits (and I know I cannot get it word-for-word)

"You know the Plaza Theater is now a non-profit. That means you can make donations. That means you can work off your DUI here! No more picking up trash off the side of the road. You can pick up trash after the Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Ok, so maybe you had to be there but it was funny!

Pandora and and Persephone add beauty and talent to the stage. I loved Pandora's themed dress and admire Persephone's talent. It takes a lot to get in front of a crowd and perform but to make yourself look oh-so-less-than-perfect on stage takes more and she was fantastic! Mumbobo, all I can say is that watching him chase the squirrels was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time and Blast-Off Burlesque was sizzling! I thought the goldfish outfits were so ingenious.


I give it a thumbs up with five gold stars!

I saw a lot of familiar faces in the crowd and even got to speak to a few people. I saw Toxic Doc after the movie and he showed me his latest ink. He won one of the tattoo gift certificates at the Fan-tom Jam.


And we had to have a little bit of fun with the life-sized creature before we left. Here is a rare picture that I am actually in!


Shawn and his lovely wife.

I highly recommend that you go out to The Plaza Theater's website and join the email list. They are Atlanta's only independently owned theater and always have different and interesting events going on. After all, that is one of the main places I heard about the extras casting call for H2! I promise you will not regret it!


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