Thursday, September 17, 2009

Disney 2009 - Prep Meeting

With Disney right around the corner, the FBO+1 decided to have a prep meeting and make sure we had all of costume pieces together and finalize plans.

As usual, it didn't take long before the 'dress-up' took a turn down a different path. Since Jesse had the newly created prototype of the Emperor's mask sitting on his kitchen table, deTag decided he wanted to give it a try.

I'm really looking forward to Disney this year. Since this will be our fifth trip to Disney in as many years, Darrell and I are going to try doing some things a little different. First, we want to catch the rope drop at Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom on this visit. We are also going to experiment with taking an afternoon break back at the hotel We have compiled a list of 'little' things that we want to see in each park. Things that might normally get over-looked.

I'm also looking forward to our traditional costume night in our Haunted Mansion outfits. I'm hoping we can get group pictures with several of the Disney villains this year! Here we are from two years ago...

hitchhiking ghosts, mnsshp

This was taken at around 1am. We were heading out out of the park that night when one of the Disney photographers asked if he could photograph us in the Bibiddy-Bobiddy-Boutique studio. We of course said "Yes!" and the rest is history.

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Vermithrax said...

Cult of the Rat, here we come!!!