Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Birthday Dinner at Nicola's

Sorry for the delay in Posting but it was a busy weekend and I still haven't caught up on everything!

The dinner at Nicola's was great. There were 17 people there and the food was delicious as always. While most everybody had been to Nicola's before, there were a few newbies and I think we now have them hooked. That always seems to happen when you take people to Nicola's; they always want to go back!

It was a full house on Saturday. There was our group of 17, another group of 20 for a birthday, a group of 25 celebrating an upcoming marriage and the faithful few that wander in just for a good dinner.

I have posted some of the pictures but the video I have is better. I'll have to look into getting that out on the blog next....


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