Sunday, July 20, 2008

Stars Wars and Disney

Yesterday was a busy day. It started early (for a Saturday) at the Ronald McDonald House up near Emory. The 501st was doing a small 'Meet & Greet' at 11 am. It was a small turn out of troops and a smaller turn out of people.

Steve, Liz, Jesse and Chuck were there. That equates to a Biker Scout, Dark Jedi, and two TK's. Darrell was the photographer and I stuck to the background taking my own few pictures.

They met several people but I will always remember Olivia.

In the foyer, they met Olivia. I don't know how old Olivia was. I guess between 6 and 10. She was in a wheelchair with a mask over her face, had little hair and clung to her teddy bear. Her mom wheeled her in front of the crew and took her picture. The only thing she said was her name when her mother asked. I guess I was most touched by the fact her mother told us that we were the first people she had met outside the house. She was recovering from a transplant surgery. I didn't get a picture of Olivia. Her mother and Darrell were taking pictures and I decided that was enough camera flashes for her deal with. As soon as I can get one of Darrell's pictures, I'll post it. In the meantime, here are some of my pictures from the event.

The staff also gave us a tour of the entire House. It is a nice place but needs a few more things. When we were about to leave, they were kind enough to give each of us a luggage tag with the Ronald McDonald House logo. I know it sounds silly, but I really do treasure that tag.

Next, it was off to lunch as Jason's Deli with Darrell, Jesse, Steve and Liz. After lunch, Jesse headed home and the rest of us headed to Gail K's. The BEST fabric store in Atlanta. Darrell and I picked up linen for pirate costumes.

From there it was to Snellville to see WALL-E. It is an amazing movie on so many levels. The pre-cartoon was fantastic as well - of course, it had a bunny kicking a magician's butt! And I will have to agree with Liz. Moe is so much like Jesse, "Foreign Contaminant'.Jesse, you'll just have to see the movie :)

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