Friday, July 11, 2008

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

We all congregated at the Vortex on Peachtree Street last night at 9pm for dinner before going to see the 12:01am showing of HellBoy II: The Golden Army. Considering it was late (at least for me, for dinner), it was pretty crowded. I had called ahead to let them know a party of 10 would be there at 9pm but when it got down to the actual time, there were only 8 of us. They seated us pretty quickly. The meal was delicious as always! It was a little loud but it improved immensely when the excited, high-pitched yuppie and his female friends in the booth beside us left. Of course, true to form, I forgot to take my camera in the Vortex. Oh well, next time.

We left the Vortex around 10:30pm and headed over to the Regal Hollywood 24. We all just hung out in front of the theatre waiting for Darrell's brother and Mario. Darrell's brother showed just after we did but at 11:30p, Mario was no where to be seen.

Here is the motley crew (minus me and Mario) in front of the Theatre.

L-R: Meridith, Mick, Josh, Darrell, D-Tag, Neil, Liz and Steve.

D-Tag decided to wait outside for Mario while the rest of us headed inside. Neil and I grabbed a spot in line while everyone else was running around. When we got inside, we staked out 1/2 a row about mid-way up; really good seats.

They started playing low-key previews early while everyone was wandering in and out. Finally, our whole crew made it into the theatre. At midnight, the place was pretty crowded and people really had to search for seats. Then they darkened the theatre for the real previews. The ones I remember were for a movie called 'Blindness' and 'The Clone Wars'.

*****SPOILER ALERT!!!!******
It took me a few minutes to warm up to the movie. The child Hellboy looked odd to me, but it was good to see Father again. The bedtime story in this scene gave The Golden Army background. The visuals were interesting. I wasn't sure about them in the beginning but the more I think about it, the more it liked it.

The treatment of the Elves was done very well. They were very pale and had pointy ears but they were not shown frail in any way. Nor were they portrayed as having an ethereal quality. Their eyes were fantastic.

I loved the tooth-fairies. They were nasty, evil little buggers.

The entire design of the Angel of Death and that scene where Liz has to answer the question was fantastic. I believe it is a more pivotal scene that most people realized.

But my all time favorite, with no exception, it Abe and Red drinking beer and singing “Can’t Smile Without You” by Barry Manilow. By the end of the scene, Abe and Red are both completely trashed. It was hysterical.

I’ll stop now, even though I have told you some of the best parts.

*********SPOILER ALERT OVER!!!!************

It was a good time had by all. I was a little worried about Josh staying awake to get home – he had been up 21 hrs but he assured me everything was fine.

Today is recovery and whatever Darrell wants to do. Today is his actual birthday. Tomorrow night we eat and dance at Nicola’s and I won’t forget the camera!

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JB said...

I saw it, thought about it, and have the following to say:

1. Good popcorn flick
2. Child Hellboy freaked me
3. Angel of Death was awesome
4. Toothfaries were very cool.
5. Didn't like the ecto dude!