Tuesday, September 9, 2008

D*C 2008 – Day 2

The calls started early. Thi got downstairs and was able to get his room on the same floor as mine and a corner room! Sandy & Heath checked in to the Marriott and were on the 44th floor. It was a morning of coordinating and organizing and then it was off for some lunch in the food court. The food court was completely packed and hot so we decided to carry lunch over to the Marriott. One of the new locations in the Marriott since the remodel is called Pulse Loft. It is a mezzanine that looks out over the Registration Level in the front of the hotel. We were able to grab a table and chairs for a nice and relaxing lunch. D and K arrived and Jesse helped them get settled before they came over to join us at the Marriott. It was about 1:30pm and K received a phone call that the line to meet Sean Astin was short, so headed that way as quickly as possible. Kindra and I had cameras and were ready to catch the moment. The autographs get more and more expensive each year and they are starting to restrict photos. Astin's was $30. Since this was THE thing that K wanted, price didn't matter. K is a HUGE 'Rudy' fan. I tried to sneak a picture – it was labeled as no photos allowed. You can see Sean and K's hand. I guess it's better than nothing. While we were in the Walk of Fame, Darrell was able to get Robert Llewelynn's autograph (he was Kryton on 'Red Dwarf') and I was able to snag of picture of the two of them. Even Jesse broke down and purchased David Prowse's 8x10. Once we did our loop around the Walk of Fame and was sufficiently star struck, we headed back to the rooms with a giddy K in tow.



Kindra and I took advantage of the afternoon to prep all the Bunny Beads. Thanks heavens for the Quartermaster, she helped me sticker 150 strands of Bunny Beads!!

That evening was Pirate Tea. I prepped the room and drinks. The agenda was short and sweet. Who was walking in the parade, who needs costuming and who is going to Tybee needs to sign waivers.

Once Pirate Tea was over, we decided to give the costumes a test run. Darrell needed to check how his would wear with the new leg tubes and I just wanted to see the reactions to D as Padme. And to make things interesting, we suited DTag as Darth and K as Anakin. Once they were all dressed, it was off to the lobby. We had four in costume and 4 handling – that made it easy on everyone. We wondered the Hyatt lobby and then headed to the Marriott (which now has so much more space and actually provides chairs and sofas to sit on OUTSIDE the bar – novel concept). The Marriott is definitely the 'costume' hotel and I think we will be staying there next year. I am already researching the room layouts.

The costumes went over well and there were many pictures. Before heading back to my room, I had to go by and see Holly – it had been years and I couldn't wait to lay eyes on her. I stayed till my eyes wouldn't stay open. I had to get some sleep before the parade in the morning.

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