Tuesday, September 9, 2008

D*C 2008 – Day 4

I slept late and felt like hell. Not that it matter, it was Dragon Con and the show must go on. Once we were awake, I headed to pick up some lunch – breakfast was a distant memory.

After lunch, it was off to a much less crowded Exhibition Hall and Dealer's Room. We wandered through and I have to admit I was a complete Corset Nazi. I checked them all out and was not happy with any of them. I'm such a snob!

At some point, Darrell got caught up with some 501st stuff, so Kindra and I headed for the Pulse Loft. I really do like that place. We chilled, had a little ice cream and relaxed. Kindra went to grab some pork product (those are her words, not mine) and came back with Jesse in his TK and Bob in the Royal Guard in tow. At least Jesse got to troop a little.

After a short break, they were off to troop some more and we were off to prep the room for the night’s festivities. It has become a tradition to pile into one room (mine usually), drink heavily, and watch the Costume Contest. I think there were 13-15 people in the room. It was crowded but fun. Kindra and K were in rare form and had us laughing so hard we cried!!

After the Costume Contest, most of the Crew decided to head down stairs to the Pirate Party. I helped them dress, took pictures and sent them on their way! They didn’t stay at the Pirate Party very long but I think they had a good time.

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Vermithrax said...

Oh the pictures, the drinking and the fun that was had that evening......

I so miss Sunday night at DragonCon.