Tuesday, September 9, 2008

D*C 2008 – Day 5

Thi checked out early. He was by my room by 9:30am. Jesse and I had arranged a late check-out of 2pm. Once Jesse had all his things together, he came by our room. Darrell and he decided to do one last loop around the Dealer’s Room while I finished packing. I was able to call for the Bell for both rooms and we actually got downstairs by 2pm. Darrell stayed with the luggage while Jesse and I went for vehicles.

A quick side note, ALL parking went up this year. Everyone I have talked to has remarked about the price of parking!

We loaded the cars and headed home without incident.

Lessons Learned
No matter how many conventions you attend, you always learn new lessons. This years lessons:

(1) If you are handling for beautiful girls, they cannot start drinking until
they have been out ½ the allotted time.

(2) Don’t try to handle too many people at once.

(3) Make sure you have time to costume yourself.

Now to start planning D*C 2009!!