Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beads, Beads and a few more Beads!!

Things are sort of crazy around here. I got back from D*C a little over a week ago. I head to Disney in a little over a week. When I get back from Disney, I have 12 days before I head to the Pirate Festival at Tybee Island!!

Luckily, it has been minimal prep for Disney - it was all about D*C this year. However, this will the first time The Black Bunny has been to the Tybee Island Pirate Festival. While it will be a laid back event, we ARE walking the parade.... and you know what that means - BEADS!!!!

I just received my bead shipment from New Orleans (where else!!). This should get us through Tybee and still have some left over for D*C 2009.

There are approximately 2200 plain beads and 720 medallion beads (they will become Bunny Beads) here!!! With the leftovers from this years D*C, I have well over 3,000 strands of beads!

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