Tuesday, September 9, 2008

D*C 2008 – Day 3

Of all people, Darrell was the one up at the crack of dawn. Steve V. was coming by the room to suit up in his Biker Scout and Darrell had to get all his R*C armor on by 8:30am. They had to be at the parade line up @ 9am. I guess that's why the 501st always seems to be the most organized (and largest) group in the parade.

The pirates, on the other hand, slowly got it together and made the line up around 9:45am. Luckily, Holly was able to grab her badge and walk with us! Deneen was fully decked out as a pirate for the first time and was a very popular pirate. I know a good thing when I see it – please notice the placement of the Bunny Beads. Jesse, Thi, DTag and Josh carried the bead bags and kept us supplied with beads for… most of the parade – they just go so fast! And of course our trusty flag bearer Bob. I don't know what I would do without Bob and the Bead Boys.

It was a huge parade this year. Here are some of the other highlights.

Maybe it was just me (or the many pauses in this year’s parade) but it was hot. It seemed to take a lot more out of me this year than last (that could be age – but I don't want to think about it!) So after the parade, it was off to change clothes and relax a little. Jesse's Mafia had arrived but was having room issues so they made a pit stop by our room. Luckily, Jesse & Bob came and grabbed them so we could change. I had me, Kindra, Darrell, DTag, Steve V. and Steve P. all changing in my room and trust me, that took some space! After Kindra and Steve were kind enough to grab us some lunch, DTag & Steve went to hit some panels, Holly & I set off for the Dealer's Room and the rest of the guys took a beak. Darrell was supposed to start Bob's makeup at 2:30 but at 3:45pm, they were still sitting around the room. I shooed them off to Jesse's for makeup.


Kindra and I decided to walk around some while all the rest of the crew was getting in costume. We knew it would take a while for Bob's makeup. While we were relaxing on the big red sofas in the Marriott, we hooked up with Kristen and a giddy Josh. Josh had gotten Michael Rosenbaum's (Lex Luther in Smallville) autograph. Around 6:30, we headed back to the room; D was heading down to my room so I could finish putting her in the Padme costume. Poor Jesse, I think he had 15 people in his room getting ready but they all looked great! In addition to Friday nights RC, Padme, Anakin & Vader, we had Mystique, Emma Frost, an Elf, the Baroness, a Biker Scout and the Emperor. The only bummer was that Jesse didn't get into his TK. So that was 10 people in costume with four handlers. It was interesting. Most of the time we were in the Marriott (the costume friendly hotel) and soon realized we just couldn't really stay all together. The Stars Wars kept together and the others went strolling.

At one time, Darrell, Steve V. and DTag recreated there three hitchhiking ghosts pose in the Star Wars garb. It was great!



The rest of the evening was just one photo op after another.

The one thing I truly enjoyed (of course it's all about me) was some of the wonderfully kind compliments I had on the Padme corset.

I hated to leave the party early but I was starting to come down with Con Crud, so I headed back to the room and turned in somewhere around midnight.

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