Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dragon Con 2008 - Day 1

Luckily, we arrived before noon on Thursday. I snagged the last corner room in the Hyatt’s International Tower. The first chore is always unpacking. It is amazing the amount of stuff you can fit into a hotel room. Thank goodness for large closets! There wasn't a lot going on but the constant stream of text messages and phone calls kept me busy most of the afternoon. Everyone was checking in to see what and where the evening plans were. We did a little sight seeing around the Hyatt and Marriott. The Marriott remodeling was done and it was gorgeous!!

Our crew started trickling in around 6pm for badge pickup, so around 6:30pm, a group of us decided to head down to the badge line - big, long, crazy line. Oh well, at least the sun was going down and there was good company. By 7:45, most of us had badges and set out for a meet up at Trader Vic's in the Hilton. There were ten of us when all was said and done: D-Tag, Steve V., Steve P., Darrell, Josh, Kindra, Thi, Jay, Derek and me. It was ½ price Mia-Tia night, so (thanks to Jay and Derek) we found a place in the bar to relax and sip mia-tia's until our table was ready. The place was absolutely packed with Dragon Con people, so we felt right at home. It was good just to see everyone!

Jesse had gone back to the badge line with D and K so they would have a little guidance. After all it was their first Dragon Con. Luckily, they did make it by Trader Vic's to say 'Hello' and do a quick introduction with everyone. After good food and strong drink, I think we left Trader Vic's somewhere around 11'ish and headed back to the hotel. Thi was crashing in my room and Kindra took advantage of the extra bed in Jesse's room that night. Then it was off to sleep (something I can never do my first night in a hotel) for the craziness will begin tomorrow.

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