Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Catch-Up - Part 1

So much has been going on, I have been VERY neglectful about posting.

A quick (and I do mean quick) overview.

One Armor Party that I have NO pictures from!

Three Tuesday Trivia Nights. Three loses but we have it on good authority there is rampant cheating happening!

June 9th

Alex and his orgasmic cheesecake...
trivia night,mellow mushroom,alex smith

The Gang.
trivia night,kyle felix,jed,alex smith,jesse brown,mellow mushroom

June 16th

trivia night,mellow mushroom,kyle felix,darrell phillips,zach moore,alex smith,jesse brown,jed

June 23rd

trivia night,hal clay,anita,jed,jesse brown,alex,lindsey,josh,darrell phillips,kyle felix,mellow mushroom

Josh's BDay Party that I have NO pictures from. How the hell did that happen????

Sunday Nights at Jesse's for True Blood!

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