Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter & SHAG!

***Spoiler Alert***
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This past weekend I had the opportunity to watch the new Harry Patter movie, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". Now I have heard many criticisms of the movie and many are very legit. There are many things not explained, like Dumbledore's hand and exactly why is Snape the Half-Blood Prince, and many things are left out, like that amazing battle at Hogwartz before Dumbledore bites the big one.

Despite its shortcomings and the fact I had an annoying child slapping their feet together while one of the parents snored through the movie, I enjoyed it. I liked the fact the Dumbledore (even though I hate that costume) had more screen time. I liked Tom Felton. Normally, I am not a Draco fan but I thought he was superb in this movie.

Just for kicks and grins, here are some of the movie trailers...

The artist known as SHAG.

If you haven't heard of the Artist SHAG (pictured above), you are really missing something. For a quick tutorial head here.

An event that I only wish I could attend will be happening next month at Disneyland. A lucky few will attend SHAG's Spirited Cocktail Reception on August 8, 2009 taht will show case his "Haunted Mansion" inspired artwork created in commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the Haunted Mansion attraction at Disneyland park. Represented in the artwork are some of the attraction's most beloved scenes, including the Stretching Portraits, the Ballroom, the Seance Room, the Attic, Graveyard, among others. Then on August 9th, SHAG will be on hand for a special meet & greet and signing opportunity at the Main Street Cinema.

Here are some of his prints that I would just die to get a hold of...

I am not a jewelry person but I would jump at the opportunity to nab these bracelets...
shag,disneyland,haunted mansion,40th anniversary Haunted Mansion art,Lucite Bracelets

And these are a cool set of Mickey Ear's...
shag,disneyland,haunted mansion,40th anniversary Haunted Mansion art,SHAG Inspired Ear Hat

For a look at most of the merchandise being offered at this special event, head here.

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