Friday, July 3, 2009

Pirate Talk 101: Next to the Last Part - Questions & Replies




Am I explicit?

Do I make myself clear?

As how?

How so?

Be that plain enough?

Is that understood?

Do I speak in reason?

Do I make sense?

Do you fancy ____?

Do you think / want?

How be ____?

How is it that ____?

How comes it ___?

How is that ___?

How say you (of/to ___)

What do you think of ___?

How’s she lie?

What’s the heading?

Is not this the truth of it?

Isn’t that truth?

See the course I lay?

Catch my drift?

What(ever) ails you?

What’s wrong?

What course should we steer next?

What’s next? / Now what?

What do you think you’ re about

What do you think you are doing?

What mean you by ___?

What are you ___?

What o’clock is it?

What time is it?

What say you to this?

What do you think?

What’s your trouble?

What’s wrong?

Where lays your course?

Where are you?

Who comes/goes?

Who’s there?

Who hailed you?

Who asked you?

Will you be pleased to ___?

Would you ___?

Positive Replies

And with a will

I’m all for it.

As you say


VERB it is

“Drink, it is.”

Now there was a true word as ever was heard spoke

You speak the truth

That be about the measure of it

That’s about right.

There’s reason/sense in that

That stands to reason / Makes sense

True as death

Absolutely true

Negative Replies

Never think it

Don’t even think it

That bite won’t take

That won’t work

Some might say one thing and some another

Diffuse a disagreement

That’s trifle


‘tis no matter

It doesn’t matter

This primer was summarized from the book "The Pirate Primer: Mastering the Language of Swashbucklers and Rogues" by George Choundas and available here.

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