Friday, July 3, 2009

Pirate Talk 101: Third from the Beginning - Flourishes

Today, we will talk about Flourishes. Flourishes are ways for pirates to modify, qualify, draw attention to, reinforce, comment on or otherwise supplement what is being said. In other words, a way to use a lot of words to say a small amout.



Add to this


All told


Amen, so it be

Used after stating ones views, beliefs or desires.

And a pity it is


And be done with it

Get it over with / Get it done already

And glad of it

Pleased with

As it chances

As it turns out

As I’ve reason to know

I know this is true / my opinion

By my reckoning

As I see it / My thinking is that

Make no doubt of that

You can be sure of that

D’ye see / think / understand

Do you see / think / understand.

Give me leave to say

Let me say

I dare to think

I think / suppose

I doubt not

I have no doubt that

I hold that

It’s my view that

I would wager a handsome adventure

I would bet a lot of money

If I may make so bold

Used before a presumptous statement to make it unoffensively.

If what I hear be right

If my information be correct

If you asks me

As far as I am concerned

If you kindly will

If you would

In a manner of speaking

As it were

In the meanwhile

In the meantime

Look here

Emphasis on an assertive statement


Listen / Remember

Mark well my words

Listen to what I am saying

Mark you this

Listen / Remember this


I think

Never a doubt

Without a doubt

Never you fear

Don’t worry

I’m mistook

I’m mistaken

That’s a true word

That’s the truth

To my sorrow


Upon my honour

On my word

Well and good

That’s fine

You may depend on it

You can be sure of that

This primer was summarized from the book "The Pirate Primer: Mastering the Language of Swashbucklers and Rogues" by George Choundas and available here.

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