Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Darrell / Alex Birthday 2009

Darrell turned 40 this year! The day of his actual birthday was July 11th. Since we had an event at the Kennesaw Southern Museum, we decided to celebrate on Sunday, July 12th. Well, that is actually Alex's birthday so we combined parties! I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I wanted - that was one crazy weekend - and I feel TERRIBLE because I don't have any pictures of my birthday boy! Oh well, I still love 'em.

Here were some questionable people hanging out in Jesse's kitchen. I'm still not sure exactly what they were doin' but it looks like they were having fun doing it!
deTag,steve vitale,jesse brown,liz vitale,darrell-alex birthday,2009

The Kuipers clan was there but Julian had his Play Station, so he was preoccupied for the afternoon.
julian kuipers,darrell-alex birthday,2009

My Powder Monkey made it!
josh,darrell-alex birthday,2009

The other birthday boy Alex doing those things that Alex does...
alex smith,darrell-alex birthday,2009

Alex and Lindsey did dress for the event. He looked fantastic in his suit and she was beautiful in her red dress!
alex smith,lindsey,2009

Liz having a momentary 501st butch moment...
Liz with tattoo

That's better. Liz and her man.
darrell-alex birthday,2009,steve vitale,liz vitale

It was a wonderful afternoon full of friends (many not pictured), food and fun!

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