Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Disney 2009 - Day 5

Tonight was MNSSHP Costume night. It takes forever to get ready. It is hot and it is worth every second. It is a blast to do this event. As always, we will be going as Phineas, Ezra, Gus, Pickwick, the Bride and Prudence. Zach and Nicole will be joining us tonight as well. I cannot wait.

The first order of the day is heading to Pepper Market at Coronado Springs for breakfast. Next, it was back to the room and laundry time. The rest of the afternoon was busy. Folding laundry, going back up to the food court for some late night snacks and then getting into make-up and costume.

Zach had brought a suit to wear that night. Steve, Liz and Darrell did his makeup and I had a spare set of gray gloves for him to wear.


Nicole, a cast member we met at the Mansion on our very first costume year, joined us at 6:30p dressed as Lillian O'Malley Gracey


At 7:30p, the eight of us headed out to the Magic Kingdom bus stop at the resort. The most direct route to the front took us by the main pool area. The cast members at the pool told the crowd to give a hand to the Haunted Mansion spooks that were making their way back home.

When we arrived at the Magic Kingdom, the ‘Boo to You’ parade was about to begin. We watched from Liberty Square. We had recognition from the Three hitchhiking ghosts float and the Skeleton band. That always makes us feel special.

We rode the Haunted Mansion several times that night, along with Pirates, the TTA, the Carousel and It’s a Small World. As usual, we had many picture requests from guests and cast members alike. This year was a first for a couple of things. First, it was the first time we had to decline to sign autographs. It was also the first time I heard other guests telling us that they had read about us or seen our pictures on the web. I specifically heard Disboards, Doombuggies, Blogs and Facebook mentioned.

Haunted Man Shane made sure we had an extraordinary time at the Mansion that night. We were the last people to ride through at midnight and had some special photo-op’s at the end of the ride. Here are some of the pictures that I can post….

We walked down an empty Main Street on our way out and just as if it was planned, Grim Grinning Ghosts played throughout the park on our walk out. It is one of the most magical feelings you can experience at the Magic Kingdom.

Right outside the park exit, we ran into two guests who wanted a picture with us. We could not deny the couple that had just gotten engaged. Especially when we learned that he popped the question days before in the Stretching Room of the Mansion!

Disney treated us to our very own bus back to the resort and delivered us straight to the front door. It was 1:30a by this time. I knew it would take another 1.5 hrs minimum to get all the makeup off, so Darrell and I told everyone we would join everyone in Hollywood Studios later in the afternoon on Wednesday.

It was a FANTASTIC NIGHT!!!!!!

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