Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Disney 2009 - Day 4

I woke up this morning to a huge crop of painful fever blisters. Great! I’m glad we had told the rest of the crew to go on to the park without us. The blisters were painful and I didn’t feel good – they were still growing. I knew the heat and sun would only aggravate them so I decided to stay in the room as late as possible. Darrell was sweet enough to go get us both lunch at the food court and we just chilled in the room. It wasn’t long after lunch that my body decided it needed another nap. I admit it made me feel much better.

By 3pm, we were dressed and ready to slowly make our way to the Epcot. We arrived after a crowded but pleasant bus ride. We met Jesse, deTag and Zach near the Character Spot. Jesse wanted to ride Mission Space again, so he and Zach headed off while Darrell, deTag and I went to ride ‘Journey to the Imagination”. After our Figment fix, we walked around to the World Showcase. We started our journey in Mexico. I love the Mexican Pavilion. Inside it is always a nice, cool night time. We walked around the Marketplace and rode Grand Fiesta.

I started my secret project deTag in Mexico. We had a scrapbook card for deTag to present to him Friday night at dinner. Since we would be celebrating it in Epcot, I decided to try one of the birthday ideas from the DisBoards. I fixed up a blank page for the card, started in Mexico and had a cast member write ‘Happy Birthday Brian” in Spanish. I did this in Norway, China and Germany too. That is when I ran out of room on the card. I will bring another one with me on Friday and get Happy Birthday’s from Morocco, France, Italy and Japan.

From Mexico, we headed to Norway to ride the Maelstrom, the best ride in the World Showcase. We wandered through Japan and Germany before we noticed it was getting close to our dinner reservation. We headed straight over to Japan to check-in at Teppan Edo, a Japanese Hibachi grill restaurant. It was a fabulous meal and we had a wonderfully entertaining chef named Akayo. Darrell, Jesse and Liz started the meal with sushi appetizers. We all ordered combinations of beef, chicken, scallops and shrimp. For desert, the two popular items were Green Tea Pudding and Chocolate Ginger cake. I ordered one and Darrell ordered the other then we shared.

We walked out of Teppan Edo about 15 minutes before Illuminations. We sent Zach and Stuart a text that we were going to watch the fireworks from the deck around the Japanese restaurants and soon everyone was there. It was a nice viewing area. We couldn’t sit but we had a rail to lean against and were high enough to see over everyone on the ground watching.

Jesse got some beautiful night shots around Epcot

After Illuminations, Jesse, Darrell, Stuart and I continued walking around the World Showcase. The air had really cooled off and it was a beautiful walk. Once we got around to the UK, we said good-bye to Stuart until later in the week and wandered through the shops.

While Darrell and I headed back to ‘Journey to the Imagination’, Jesse decided to head back to the resort. Darrell and I strolled through Mouse Gears and decided to call it a night as well. While we were in Mouse Gears, we met a Cast Member who educated us on the Mickey Vinylmations. She was explaining what each of them represented. It was pretty interesting and figuring out what each piece represented was not the easiest thing to do.

Once I was back at the resort, it was time to get a shower and hit the sack. The plan was to get up in the morning and get breakfast at the Pepper Market over at Coronado Springs, do some laundry and get ready for costume night!

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